New School Year - financial help etc

Is that adequate for, say, three kids with one in Lycée?

I think they are quite generous - better than a kick up the backside…
From the linked article:

Don’t forget also the generous tax breaks already provided - it all adds up.


No! And we won’t get a euro :worried:

Why not if you are resident in France?

See the picture above, it is means tested. I’m poor so I’m OK!!!


Adequate for what? It’s a top up to help with educational expenses, so in addition to other financial support. It’s for things like pens and notebooks and briefcases and new clothes.


but with a richness in other respects :wink:

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You must mean my vocabulary after a few wines :rofl:


Seems a fair amount to give. Expenses at the start of the school year must be very hard for some families to meet especially if they have several children.

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My 5 children used to get the ARS thank goodness, sports clubs and kit, music lessons and instrument hire if necessary, all the school stuff which has to be bought… it costs an arm and a leg.


Extra help… coming 15th September for the most financially-precarious…

So did mine as well, especially those calculators that back then in the 90’s cost over €100 they had to have for collège/Lycée - still got them today in my desk drawer! My son does not agree with payment to the parents nor do his colleagues because they see so many spend the money on other things. Several times he has bought out of his own money, some notepads and pens etc for kids in his class who did not get anything for the new year and their parents spent themoney on food,drink or phones etc. The teachers reckon that the money would be better used in the form of vouchers whereby the school purchases the equipment needed and the kids redeem the vouchers via the school thus being used for what it is meant for.


That is Bloody criminal !

I’ve just realized what you mean… daft me.

Yup, we knew when it’s the rentrée as neighbours opposite would get something special - new gates, a new dog, new shutters, etc. (Kids now too old…)

I disagree, treating everyone like a child or a criminal and taking that responsibility away from parents isn’t good, even if a minority misuses it. Bourses de college/lycée are already paid via school; regarding the ARS, well, people have to be given the opportunity to do things right. If you don’t give someone an occasion how can they rise to it?


I agree with vero.
Too much “nanny state-ism” about it and to what extent do you go with this? Change the tax break system for children who make up the “parts” and issue tokens as opposed to reducing their tax bill directly?
Just the sort of thing the Tories do with benefits in the UK.

And how should someone else decide how the ARS is to be apportioned anyway? School might think X is more important but the family might think cello hire and lessons is more important. Who decides which sport someone does, if any etc.

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