New supermarket resale rules could cost shoppers €5b

What do we all think of this?

Food in France is already very expensive and, in my opinion, this will just increase prices for consumers without benefiting producers at all. In fact, it could even drive down wholesale prices.

Why does the French government have to interfere with the price of goods? It already fixes tobacco and drug prices. Now food!!

I may well have got hold of the wrong end of the stick… but when I read the article in the French press… my understanding of the government’s complaint… was that the products should be affordable/at a reasonable price… throughout the year…

Better for consumers to pay a reasonable price throughout the year…not inflated prices for most of the year… then see prices slashed dramatically at Sale Time.

I do get fed up with the Connexion sometimes.

It’s a big ongoing project involving producers, major retailers and other stakeholders in the supply chain, to try and work out a better and fairer way of regulating the food supply chain. Fair pay for producers is part of it but they’re also looking at food waste, animal rights and other aspects of the chain.

And the Connexion distills all this into “shoppers might have to pay more”.

Can’t have that can we - never mind if producers are skint and animals are suffering and supermarkets are more interested in profits than quality, Connexion readers must have cheap food.

Shut up Anna :rage:

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Well that will teach me not to believe everything I read on the internet!!

Mandy… it is not clear where The Connexion got their info from… as none of their links give a clue…

We wait to see what else comes on-line…

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No ignore me Mandy, I just like a good rant now and again! and cheap food is one of my (many) hobby horses.
Obviously there’s two sides to everything.

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UK foods may well be (or appear to be) cheaper. But, within the food industry, some major supermarkets are notorious for bullying their Suppliers into providing a product at less than production costs… the threat to withdraw the Contract is a strong weapon and is wielded to great effect.

The Consumer is pleased to see products at good prices and cheerfully praises whichever Supermarket is concerned… mostly, the product is used as a Loss-leader to entice the Consumer into the store… (not that the Supermarket is the one making the Loss).

Hi Stella,
the situation is worse than that. The consumers are conned into thinking they have a good deal.
Once the big supermarket giants have taken total control of the supply chain and killed off all the small farmers and small stores they are at liberty to do what they like with prices - there’s no competition left. The consumer then has no choice but to keep going back cap in hand to the remaining giant supermarkets.

Any genuine market has been killed.

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I still cringe when I see Special Offers that seem too good to be true. :cry:

much prefer a standard "reasonable price throughout the year, which ensures a profit also for the farmers

Is it ever clear?