New to me Sun burnt Tomatoes

I have grown tomatoes in a French garden since 1996 this year most fruit have been burnt by the sun on their south western side a bit of a surprise but still happy to cut that bit off. What has surprised me is the tomato seeds have germinated in the hot flesh internally completely white and an inch long, still eat them though

More Tomato Problems!!

Anyone know what is doing this —
Mice? Birds?
And how to stop it would be useful!
Many thanks

Ragondin (Coypu)???

Yes, and anything else that is suffering from lack of water at the moment. Try putting saucers around and keep them filled with water. Put the saucers at different heights and ideally sheltered from raptors hunting overhead.

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Thanks Sue, Will do that immediately & see what happens. We’ve got lots of water out for the birds round the house, plus food as the ground is so solid. The veg however is quite a way from the house so we should be able to tell if this is the problem fairly soon!

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Good luck.