New to this forum

Hi All

Just thought i would introduce mysel and my horses, i know some of you so wont bore you too much!

I live in 82, been here 41/2years, i owned my first pony when i was 10 years old, Red Pepper (Pepi) he taught me everything, he was a rig, 12.2hh and a brilliant jumper i took him up to JA level (as it was called in those days), my next was Taffy a 14.2hh fabulous pony, he'd jump anything, i loved taking him hunting, I went on to do my BHSAI and work on various yards for 3 years then i got massied had 3 kids and had a long break from horses,

Eventually got back into riding, I loved endurance and Barajneh (Barry) my Arab and i reached 40mile distances when he started having leg problems so retired him when he was 15yo he's now 26 yo, had a lovely CBXTB (Peppercorn) who was a complete nutter, she'd competed in Galloway racing as a youngster, she'd had 8 owners in 10years, it took me three years to get her to walk on grass, i eventually put her in foal to a super Connemara and the result was Poppy, i broke her myself and competed in Dressage and did loads of fun rides etc, i brought Barry, Peppercorn and Poppy with me to France, after two years Peppercorn who was 29 yo had secere problems with her circulation and immune system and i decided to have her PTS but a few weeks later Poppy got laminitis in her back feet, its a mystery why she had it but we think it was stress of losing her mum (they'd beeen together for 15 years), things went from bad to worse and i made the decision to put her to sleep 10 weeks after i lost her mum. I was left with Barry who i could no longer ride, so had tosearch for anoher horse here, went to see 30 or so but they all seemed to have a problem or a vice,by the October i told my OH i'd go and see one more and if i didnt like her i wouldnt look at anymore , the day i met Peppermints Baby(Mimi) 2 years ago i knew she was the one for me,she's a reg American Quarter horse and is one of the most amazing horses i've been lucky enough to meet and i love her to bits!

I love exploring the countryside on my own with her, i but would love to do TREC and LABEL LOISIR, also love to have some western lessons!


Hi Beth

your story brought a tear to my eye, and I try to be so brave!! But I've learnt that having a passion for horses has to have it's stresses too - in the short 4 years I've been riding, I have lost a mare and her foal and she was our first horse too. I thought that I was doing it all the right way by making sure she stayed on the stud farm where we brought her...but despite my bitter disappointment, the trainer/farm manager told me to stay on and ride his horses and I'm so glad I did, otherwise how else could I have carried on with my passion? It was so hard, I was sad for a long time, but I have ridden some amazing horses and got to sj competition level. I get far too attached to the horses and when one has to leave I can't help being upset - all the other riders think that I'm bonkers!!! I 'inherited' an Anglo Arab called Daunus (in the photo) and I just love him to bits - though I have retired him from competition now - again the other more sensible riders think that I am being far too soft as he has plenty of poke, but at 20 years of age, I just want him to have a nice retirement! I now have my eye on a four year old, have been the first person to sit in the saddle on him and three months on, we are even doing some jumps....I'll keep you posted! Sharon