New Top Gear - The Grand Tour, your views on Clarkson et al

I remember an article on Survive France some years ago that resulted in such heated debate that it had to be closed down! I hope this time round can be a little more reasoned!

What do you think of this comedy trio?

Lord, but I miss the impossible three on Top Gear. It’s time to offer them back their previous positions on the program. The “new team” offers little of the charm of Clarkson, May, and the Hampster. Matt LeBlanc’s past fame in Friends just doesn’t work on the new post-Clarkson era. Carrot-Top neither, but it seems he doesn’t match up with the old team, and it appears that he has resigned, unless I’m mistaken…All should be forgiven and the past put aside. Bring the Old Team back!


Clarkson has his problems but Evans is not a sensible alternative. I can’t even listen to him on the radio, never mind looking at him.

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Jeremy was Top Gear. He has continued his rantings in the Sunday Times which is some consolation for those of us who think he should be Home Secretary. It seems the BBC cannot make good decisions be it Jeremy’s sacking or Jimmy Saville’s ongoing perversities or massive payoffs to nobodies (well it’s only tax payers money after all).
When Jeremy thumped a ‘stupid boy’ it should have been settled over a coffee and a handshake, as indeed the current Trump saga should be. But now that our world is dominated by pissy-wissy pussy-wussy transgenders in the Westminster Village, everything has to go via Human Resources, or Human Remains as they are more correctly known.
I hope someone manages to leak a DVD of Top Gear from Amazon Prime on to the t’internet so that we can all watch it. Top Gear is to Panorama what UKIP/Trump/Clinton is to world leadership.

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The old Top Gear was definitely a Marmite thing but I loved it. I too hope that the Amazon shows filter through somehow.

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I use to enjoy Top Gear, but the last 3-4 seasons where a joke.

it was all about the clarkson and being boy racers & total twats and less and less about the actual car.

I prefer 5th gear. Its about the cars.

Well, you can always rely on Clarkson to bring out the offensive and extreme in people, even here!

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