NEW TV SERIES - Moving to ... or from France?

Hello Everyone,

We’re making an exciting new TV series about people who are moving to France … and also about people who have decided to move back to the UK. Two stories told in parallel.

If you are thinking of moving in the next 0-9 months we’d love to hear from you.

Please do get in touch at and tell us a bit about why you have decided to move.

Thanks! Richard, Ayse and Fernando (Thinking Violets TV)

  • We’ve posted this on a couple of pages - so apologies if you’ve already seen it!

Hi! Glad you found us. Welcome!

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Hi Catharine,

Will do!

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Also … just wanted to say … if you know anyone who is moving to / from
France and would like to be in a TV show! We’re making it for ITV - 7.30pm

  • it’ll be a fun experience. I’m currently spending my days looking a
    property websites and the temptation to buy a farmhouse is just getting too
    great … some amazing places, which make Walthamstow look decidedly

All the best,


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Richard you would like to hear from those who are coming here and those
who are planning to “go home” …some of us came here for a reason and
will never go home…why?
Perhaps you should ask.
I once had a restaurant just 2 mins from Endemol and just opposite those
offices was Kensington House. The world of the BBC opened to me for years.
Now, having escaped the life which most would “die for” I live amongst the vines
in a lovely big house with my partner and feline friends.
I live in the fairyland of weddings and luxury vacation properties…with Bussel
chateaux close by.
The stories of those who have fallen head over heals in love with France are
here for you to show to the British viewers.
This is the place to live,

By the way a friend of mine is an immobilier and she will find you the perfect property.
Walthamstow…know it well.

Hi Barbara, I totally get it! The problem with working on a TV show like this is that I’ve already bought a dozen renovation projects (in my mind at least) in the Dordogne … it’s mild torture!

It sounds wonderful and I hope we can come out there soon … In the meantime, I’d love to hear from your friend the immobilier - please do pass on my details - or let me know theirs. I’m on or 44 207 323 0070.

All the best,


Has not the ‘moving to France’ type programmes been done to death ? Why is there such an obsession for such programmes in the UK ? There are no ‘moving to the UK’ type programmes in France. How does Brexit fit it with all this ?

To be honest, most if not all of these types of programmes (or the ones I have seen) give a false reality of France anyway. Likewise with the French ‘living’ magazines. It is ‘generally’ not France that they are portraying. That is why I guess most people move back, because they have seen these programmes and think that is ‘France’. But it is not. Remember, I guess most people who move back do so a lot poorer than they arrived so I really think these programmes are not doing anyone any favours.

If you are doing a programme like this, try and find families who have moved to cities (Paris, Lyon, Montpellier etc) to work in a French or international business. Especially those with families. You will get a truer picture of France for your viewers. Maybe contrast it with French families that have moved to the UK for work. See how there lives are different.

I don’t think the UK needs to see another programme of people who have moved to the Dordogne, or Limousin or any other such places to renovate a stony house. It has become such a cliche.

Surely people do not watch a TV programme and dash out here to live.
It is not like booking a room for a day or so on
I know that going into different cities would be a harder task…take much longer…
that is why the programmes focus on rural areas and this all helps to keep the budget down.
Perhaps find the big success stories ,find the people who have been her for ages and love being here.