New URSSAF Cotisation website

Has anyone succeeded in actually filing their returns on the new URSSAF website that started accepting returns (allegedly) 1st Oct 2019? I was logging in fine last week to change my contact address but now my details are wrong. Forgot password says the same. I am using my old Net-enterprises details as instructed but no luck now.

Pretty sure its a bug, it usually is.

Keep at it - last weekend it worked on Friday and Sunday but not on Saturday when I tried to help a friend submit her return. Managed it eventually on the Sunday!

Good luck…!

Seems like the government are migrating multiple sites in parallel. The ProDouane website where I have to file European service declarations every month has had a facelift and decided at first that I couldn’t log in, then finally let me in with no access to the services I needed. Got there in the end.

Well 12 emails and daily multiple attempts still fail. I managed to declare my wife’s return but no luck with mine. Their two numbers fail too clicking off immediately. Perhaps I’ll give up and reply to their late returns arrete.

It turns out that having changed my address to 5 miles away - they changed my Siret but didn’t tell me!

Well despite being self-employed for 10 years now, and having regularly been able to log on to the URSSAF website previous to the changeover, I was told 2 days ago whilst attempting to download an “attestation” that I no longer had an independent worker access, only my employer access, and the latter was only accessible via my accountant’s ID and logon…go figure.

The ProDouane website was also only running in failsafe mode…

They also change your URSSAF reference number if what the telephone service told me is true. As I couldn’t log in, they told me to enter the 18 digit reference number on the letters I have received from them to create my “espace”. What they don’t tell you is that (1) the number changes if you change commune (even if the postcode remains the same - duh), and (2) they don’t put an 18 digit reference number in the letters they send you - you have to somehow magically know to insert 8 zeroes after the first three digits. I felt like giving the telephone speaker one particular digit, but she wouldn’t have seen it !

Yes the new site is a debacle. I couldn’t log in to declare my 3rd trimestre but they sent me overdue letters, and on the siret I could login on was told nothing was due. I emailed many times and in the end attached a manual copy of my declaration. Which resulted in an actual form being posted to me. I am also having to do through CFE forms as if I am starting a new business. Surely the SIREN is unique and could be used instead the SIRET with the extra 5 digits?

Still, have you tried changing your address for the Carte Grise? Don’t get me started.


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I used to use netentreprises, now I get routed to the Autoentrepreneur section of the URSSAF website, is that the one you are talking about?
I still log on with my siren (not siret) number and my password hasn’t changed. I actually find it a nice site. Touch wood and fingers crossed.
Re sirens and sirets, the sirEN is your business (entreprise) registration number.
The sirET is the registration number of each separate business address. So if your business has 3 offices, it would have one siren and three sirets.

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yes me too until I moved 5km. Suddenly neither approach worked and the notifications telling me my siret had changed was on the old siret I couldn’t log into. They rang me but its tough dealing with admin in french when they start off believing its all you fault and you just need to know where the tab key is!

I tried net-entreprise, which is where I used to be able to get some stuff, now there is virtually nothing there to search for or download, and I was pointed to another site “declarations sociales des indépendants” ( which asks a series of questions and then tells me that my documents are available from the URSSAF !!

Yes but you need the right URSSAF portal. There are lots, and your netentreprise log in details will only work on the URSSAF Autoentrepreneur portal, the one I linked to. Is that the one you tried?

The news site is a bloody NIGHTMARE but…the app is brill and works fine - at least in terms of logging in and declaring. I highly recommend that rather than the web version - which made my eyes bleed…

@Alex_Thurgood You get this page

which seems very user friendly to me. Mes attestations are under Mes documents, you just click on it and you can see the ones you’ve already downloaded and request new ones.

Yes - unless you can’t log in - which is currently the biggest problem,

Well, the times I had problems logging in, it turned out I was trying to log in to the wrong portal. But I won’t keep repeating myself.