New user with a question about screws in window frames!

Hi all,

I’m new to this impressive forum so a big hello from Central Brittany. We’ve been here 4 years & enjoying life greatly! I’m an ex electronics expert & a dab hand with a computer if anyone has any questions!!

We live in a neo-Bretagne style house built mid-70’s. All the wooden windows have small screws in them fitted on the verticals. Inside & out! The screws are perpendicular to the frame & not completely screwed home. Please see the photo!

Can anybody tell me the purpose of these screws please?

Would be grateful for any comments!

Thanks & best regards!

I was going to suggest perhaps used to hold the frame for a mosquito net… but they’d only be on either the inside or the outside but not both. So I’m afraid I’ve got no idea :man_shrugging: But I’m now curious to know too :smiley:

PS - welcome to the site!

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Welcome to the forum…

How many screws… is it just the one, inside and out…
or several… and if several, do they appear on all 4 edges of the window (inside and out)… ???

Welcome to SF, @Dave_C .

Perhaps one side for @Gareth’s mosquito net and one for secondary double-glazing?

Apart from that guess, I’ve no idea!

Hi All,

Many thanks for the responses…I should have said that there are always 3, 4 or 5 screws on each vertical frame member…depending on the window height. Only the vertical parts of the frame. They’re between 30 & 50 cms apart.

Cheers, Dave

Do the windows with these screws have external shutters?

A full photo of one frame might be helpful.

I’m really intrigued, @Dave_C, and I think other people are.

I hope you don’t mind my changing your title to attract more attention.

Ohhhh I love a mystery :rofl:. Welcome to SF, sorry no idea, mozze net seems most likely but odd both in and out. Unless they did it one way, realised it didn’t work so had to put them in the other way and never got around to taking off the unused ones?? :rofl:

Hi @Dave_C and welcome. Are the screws either side if the window (across the openings) at the same level?

I do not think a net. A net would be fixed across a frame and not between verticals, I would imagine…?

Is there a prize for the best imagined solution…?

Hello All,

Have I opened a hornet’s nest? No prizes I’m afraid!

So here’s a photo of the whole of a frame. If you look closely you’ll see the screws on the right hand side of the left panel. The screws are opposite each other…heads facing each other on each panel at the same level.

They can’t be for anything like a mosquito net 'cos when the window is open the net would not close of the opening.

Remember the screws are on both the inside of the window & the outside of the windows.

Cheers, Dave

OK… last shot at an answer… then off for lunch… :wink:

Looking at the large “bare” pane of glass… I’m wondering if these screws would have held cross-bars to break the look into smaller panes somehow…
I recall one Owner proudly showing me that her criss-cross windows were actually large single panes which could be easily cleaned by removing the “criss-cross”… and this was fixed inside and outside… :wink:

just one thought… Your set-up… it looks like it would have been a DIY thingy…

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They could have been used at some point to to hold plywood or OSB boards in place, in and out. Possibly to protect the glass whilst work on the house was in progress. Should have been removed and holes filled if that’s the case. That’s all I can think of.

Just take them out and get on with your life. :joy:


A Welcome from me too Dave, I think the next thing I would be doing was making friends, if not done also, with a few neighbours, and asking them if it is a local thing and thus, do they have them, and thus, why? :smiley:


actually, I think they’d come in useful at Christmas… for putting decorations up (inside) and at Hollowe’en (outside)… or mix of the two… :wink: :wink:

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If you don’t have the curiosity of the rest of us then just scroll on by!


I was curious just like anyone else reading, however there are some things so tiny they just … :blush:

I first thought @Stella’s decorative cross sections but noticed the nails are at uneven sectional heights, despite being parallel. So, maybe the Christmas solution instead?

It is very curious and quite an entertaining head scratcher. @David_Spardo has a good suggestion, asking the neighbours.

Meanwhile, welcome to the merry forum, @Dave_C . Please do return to let us know what you discover!


any clues?