New website

Apparently Nigel Farage has set up a new website purely to help people who have had their bank accounts forcibly closed by their bank.I do hope that everyone who has suffered this due to Brexit will get in touch with him,he is so ignorant that he probably has no idea what problems he and his little group of stirrers have caused people.


Good idea :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

But they will only use this to bombard people with demands for money to help out!

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He’ll also twist the figures to suit his agenda… He’ll say something like x thousands of people “have submitted their details to his website”, without clarifying that it’s not really related to his non-issue.

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Account closures due to Brexit will not count. Closures of these accounts is down the physicical limitations that were voted for by the numbheads. Whilst some banks have an EU presence to allow ‘foreign’ accounts, many do not and it is these that are being closed.

Nothing one can do here, except maybe put any brexshit person out of their misery and thus speed up the process for re-joining… :rofl:

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