New wood double glazing in 1800s Auvergne house advice

Hello folks!

We’ve just been quoted by multibois Batiman 32000 Eur for the replacement of the old single glazed windows in our property.
(Each window roughly 1100 and the doors 4000 each, doubled for the double door)

This quote seems pretty steep to me and I notice they are charging for non off-the-shelf sizes.
The openings themselves are mostly 1500mm x 800-900mm.

The quote was for 12 windows of the above size, one single back door and a front double door along with 8 smaller 600mm x 700mm attic windows.

We have to go with wood over any PVC due to proximity to a historic church, but other than that we are free to shop around.
My initial thought was that standard sizes from Leyroy Merlin etc. should be able to be fitted.
I have previous experience in fitting windows, not on stone builds however.

Where we are with things right now is this:
This quote seems very much over the standard.
A friend who is an architect gave a quote closer to 15-16k for the job.

I’m weighing up replacing them myself against having a company come in to do it plus the rebate from prime renov.
Does anyone have any experience with this?

I suppose my options are:
Buy and install everything
Buy and pay to get installed
Pay for a company to do everything

Any advice or resources would be appreciated.
Pit falls, issues with prime renov, future problems with energy efficiency ratings etc. are things I’m looking for… Trusted local tradesmen too, we’re near Clermont Ferrand.

We paid about 1100 euros fitred per window last year - very nice hardwood windows but more than I thought they would be.

@james gave me a website previously for ordering windows that was a little cheaper.

Found it Link


It might be a thought to buy and fit yourselves in stages. This is what we have done by buying windows from Lapeyre. Some of the openings did require made to measure, but the majority could be sourced ‘off the shelf’ and if necessary using alèses on the sides and/or top to increase the size as necessary. Stone, brick or papier mâché, it is not difficult to fit windows and doors, I fitted five windows and a door in a 13hr day. Price wise, you have to be happy with what you are asked for, we were registered for TVA and fitting windows as an add on to our regime as electrician’s so were able to apply for grants and the return of TVA. If you decide to get in a company, apply for grants, the can be quite generous.

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Yeah, my thoughts are along the same lines.
Most will accept standard sizes so it seems crazy to pay for installment on everything.

Does Lapeyre offer custom sizes?


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In my experience, having recovered from the initial shock of quotes for work, shutters etc. I’ve gone with the supply and fit. Maybe naive but the decenial insurance does give me comfort. The total opposite to my freewheeling, have a bash younger days :slightly_smiling_face:


Lepeyre are excellent windows. Made to measure or a mixture of that and standard sizes. I have fitted many but be very careful when ordering as the product has many variations to adapt to specific circumstances.
I have never had a customer come back with a complaint from the windows.
10 years ago I fitted the oak range of windows and doors to our current house which at the time was an 18th century wreck with a mixture of standard and non standard sizes. The windows come pre finished and 10 years on the inside finish is still as good as the day they were fitted. This year i have started to re coat the exterior to freshen them up but the original surface finish is still in good condition.
The windows are solid oak made up of comb jointed small lengths which to the untrained eye are almost impossible to see. This method ensures that the windows do not warp or twist.

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