New Work

Well I have had an extremely busy past couple of months which is great although a bit too hectic at times. Really pleased with a lot of the creations that have been produced. A mixture of designs by myself and clients. There’s a lot of fantastic ideas out there and I feel very privileged to be able to make some of them a reality. One of my favorites and one I get a lot of use out of is my new egg holder, the idea is that you have the newest eggs on top and then you always know to use the bottom one first! Genius. 25 Euros if anyone wants one.

One of my biggest projects has been for a local chateau. Its a lantern incorporated into an arch to go over the safety gate for a swimming pool fence that I had previously made.

I’ve made a pizza oven door for a friend which makes me very envious as I would love a pizza oven - one day!

I had a design in my head for a long time for a couple of matching plant containers. I have a front door where I wanted something either side with a couple of cypress trees in and had been looking for something attractive for a long time without success so designed my own!

My current project that is very near completion is an huge arched

window that I love and will look fantastic in place I hope - photos to follow.

Hi Jeannie, I make them from scratch so can try and work to any dimensions that are given to me. All the best Renny

The egg holder is a great idea - but does seem to need quite a bit of work space - could it go higher and then be shorter at the bottom part?

Love the egg holder Renny, very clever.