New Year Resolutions

Hi folks,

Due to being ill the New Year has totally passed me by without celebration, however, all this time in bed trying to get better has given me time to think about some New Years resolutions for 2011.

Obviously I have a whole set of resolutions for (being the best, most loved, most useful etc of course!) and a whole different set for me and my family personally. Here are the top;

1. Get fit during 2011... used to teach fitness and run 5 miles with my dog every morning but since moving to France have done NOTHING!

2. Sign up and complete the Paris to Versaille race (Eiffle Tower to Palace)

3. Shift the extra weight caused by No. 1 above plus too much wine and chocolate

4. Really focus on my French skills. Have spent so much time during 2010 in front of the computer putting together that I havent been progressing. Must make sure not only speak it every day but learn a new word every day

5. Start the process of looking for our own house

6. I will get on the plane in July for big family holiday (father in laws 70th birthday) without breaking down before take off convinced that we will soon be plummeting to our deaths.

7. I will try to be less of a 'fair weather' gardener

8. I will start cooking more from scratch... used to love doing it but 2010 been so busy

I aso have tons of 'will do' as well mostly relating to kids i.e., I will listen to 6 year old read in English at least everyday (as well as French work... mean mummy!), I will potty train 2 year old will by his 3rd birthday (in December) and I will start teaching 3 year old to read English.

So how about you? What are your PERSONAL resolutions for the year?

Natasha x

Hi Natasha

I nearly always break mine but here goes.

1/ Same for me. Get a bit fitter, which is not easy at my age ;).

2/ Try to split time between Work, House and leisure a little more biased towards leisure.

3/ Have a decent holiday which does not involve travelling the length and breadth of England visiting family.

I'm sure there are many other things I should do, like look for a new job, but we'll just see how things pan out.

Good luck with yours, and I hope you're feeling better.

All the Best