New Year's Eve - Beat this if you can!

My lady’s daughter and two kids just back after ten days in Burkina Faso ( trying to organise the new management of their hotel in Bobo),two of the ‘Parisian Family Faction’ still in the house since Christmas. Tonight will probably be a high volume session orientated around three ankle bighters, some confused Africans and the odd ( some very) European looking for a drink - maybe a wander out to check out the town’s fire works display vers midnight.
Great New Year to you all.

Just the 2 of us in front of the TV with a glass or two of plonk, and hoping for a better 2013.

Great name for your dog Jo anne, like him already! lol

A guid New Year tae ye all!

Well after having folk round for Christmas dinner it looks like we are on our own this evening just myself the wife and our 4 dogs not forgetting our goats, this time last year we were knee deep in snow, not complaining though lovely sunny eveing at the moment

Just the two of us also,with our two dogs Belle & Sidney.

Omelette and chips bottle of bubbly lots of tv especially Jools holland and company,and really try to stay awake until midnight.

Happy New Year Everyone.


To get some rest - lotta stress over past few days, reached a crescendo this morning but has now died back down to a sensible level.

It's going to increase again over the next few days until finally on Saturday when we reach CDG it'll be almost completely gone!

Having just telephoned Mum to make sure they got home okay and to wish them a happy New Year, I'm now going to beat the Twerp at Little Big Planet Go Karting then slump in front of the TV and dutifully take my two lots of antibiotics plus 4 other pills & potions the doc gave me this morning for my infected head and rest my now strapped arm with the dodgy ligament, lol. New Year's resolution? Kick these bloomin' germs into the stratosphere and enjoy our new life to the full - one year in February! My New Year's Eve will be me, the cats and one dog being complete couch potatoes in front of the box, maybe with a Baileys and some chocolate, while the Twerp and the puppy are peacefully akip. Lovely jubbly. I wish you all a New Year full of laughter, happiness and good health.

Staying in...we've a tasty chicken casserole cooking quietly away...yum yum. Probably watch a good movie later...then off to bed. Didn't like this year very looking forward to saying goodbye to it. Roll on 2013.

Happy New Year to one and ALL



Just the two of us and our dog - Angus McTavish, Son of Baldric.

Dinner of vegetable fried rice and pork strips and TV til .....

In North America we always brought in the New Year at 7pm with a toast to Scotland, then at 12 for Canada and the US, but now we'd have to wait up til 1 o'clock - not going to make it! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.

24/7 in France: Dinner and new year's celebration at a friend's (new) restaurant in Contes - if we can find our way!

We have Uno and Cluedo lined up, Jools Holland's Hootenanny has been ordained, right now we're doing the rounds of phone calls, Facebook chat and such things to get them out of the way.

We're going to make it a good evening in a silly/sensible family way. Next year, funds allowing and girls being a bit older, we shall try to do something a bit more imaginative.

We wish everybody a great night too and what Germans call a 'Guten Rutsch' (good slide) into 2013!