New Zealand "cat-atrophy"

Kiwi cat lovers fear pet holoclawst. Could it happen here? :kiwi_fruit::scream_cat::thinking::scream:

Lot of cat erwauling going on there Peter, but they should cat egorise their problems, do you think that the Cat holic church will get involved or will they be caught cat napping ? :wink::joy_cat::pouting_cat:

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Purr-sonally I’m not purr-ticularly purr-turbed, Ann. More purr-plexed, and not purr-suaded of the purr-tinence, purr-pose and indeed the purr-missibility of the purr-lans. It’s a truly hairball suggestion, anyway.

This purr-posal is for the birds, and won’t lick it. It will all have to be scratched.

Now I’m going out. And no, I have no idea when I’ll be back, and wouldn’t tell you if I did. :cat2: