Newbie and need a little help

I am looking for some very basic French visa advice. (I have about 5 questions just to clarify information from the French gov website.)
I am struggling to gain access to help form the embassy or consulate.
I am hoping some simple advice here would be possible form you. You all seem nice.

Offered the chance to move to France in Sept. I am self-employed (creative). I’m told getting to France before 2021 will help with visas.

In case anyone can help:

  • Will UK nationals have to go through “Visa Long Sejour” come July 1st 2021 or will there be a different visa system in place? If yes, what documents/proof needed?

  • Does being a resident in France by December 31st 2020 help my visa application?

  • says “sufficient financial resources” are needed. Does that mean income or can it include savings? (If I have lots of savings, do I still need a monthly income?)

  • How are the “sufficient financial resources” calculated? Monthly or yearly broken down? Can it include income from Britain? (Much of my income may still come for the UK)

  • How much financial resource is needed for a talent visa vs self-employed visa? (70% of minimum wage?)

Thank you for taking the time to help.


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Getting here September 2020 would be best, and will open all sorts of doors for you…
(there’s lots of info to find on the forum… we’ll all help you…)

Frank Higgs :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve been told that getting there before Sept would be a good move. In a way I was just trying to confirm why.

Brexit removes many EU rights for those Brits who arrive after certain dates.

31st December is one such date. By arriving permanently in Sept, you should be ok when you apply for the Carte de Sejour WA (With Agreement)… which shows you to retain certain rights…

You’ll need to read the Fr Gov details on their offer to Brits in France…

it’s all on the forum… but it’s lunchtime… byee…

EDIT… sorry… starvation and lack of alcohol… should be WITHDRAWAL AGREEMENT

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If you become resident before December and fulfill the conditions for a carte de sejour, and are granted one, then no need for visas. But you will need sufficient resources - can be savings but needs to translate to adequate monthly income - health insurance and a stable address for min period of 3 months to get into french health system.

I forget the exact monthly amount needed but easily found on the service-public website.

After January it all becomes much more complicated.

Thanks Jane. Big help.
Yes, the things I’ve been trying to understand is the amount (one French gov site says the equivalent of monthly minimum wage - another Frence gov site say 70% of monthly min wage)
Plus I was trying to work out the savings. I’m not sure I’d make the monthly income at first but have the savings to equal the same amount. But the French gov websites don’t specify whether savings count.