Newbie in Need of Help!

Hello! Im a fairly new member to the site and was hoping to find someone with a bit of kowledge who could help me with a,so far, not too successful job hunt!?

I spent the summer working in St Laurent De La Cabrerisse as an entertainer for a teenage club. My boyfriend (who’s French) was working as a barman and has been offered a full time contract and so we have decided to stay and are hopefully going to find a place to rent in Narbonne.

The summer job I had doesn’t exist over the winter and im hoping to find something a bit more ‘professional’ in a workplace that has possibilities of promotion.

The rather big setback though, is that my French is still rather questionable, something that I’m sure can be remedied with lessons, which I intend to take, but for the moment I know my French isn’t good enough to stand up in a French workplace.

So! If anyone has any tips or advice, or knows of any English speaking positions in the Narbonne area, I’d be extremely grateful. And pleasantly surprised!

Oh, and i also have french social security and all that jazz, so that’s not a problem.

Thanks for any help you can give!