Newbie to the group!

Hi all,
Just to introduce myself - originally from the Bristol area, was living in Aylesbury when I left England to move to France and marry the Frenchman I had met as a student on my year out. That was in 1988, we now have 2 children (22 and 20) both In further education in France. We live in a village near PAU in the SW. Unfortunately I was made redundant at the end of December 2016, and at present am looking for a new job (administrative / secretarial etc), whilst enjoying the free time while I can ! Totally integrated in the French system, no problem with carte vitale or social security etc, . Just wondering whether I should apply for French nationality - never needed or wanted it till now, can’t really see France kicking me out !! But, who knows …
I love reading, and belong to an English reading group, (part of the Anglophones Pau Pyrenees association), I sing with the choir of our English church St Andrew’s, Pau, I attend a yoga class in the village, and I belong to a local swimming club. I love browsing in NOZ, and drinking wine !!


It’s common that English people like reading, right? :slight_smile:

I wonder if you’ve met @Linda_Pailthorpe and her husband Peter who also sing in choirs not too far from Pau?

A lot do, many don’t !! One of those things. Just started an excellent book, so that’s the housework out of the window :wink:

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Don’t think so, the names aren’t familiar. We could do with a new soprano tho ! And of course men are always welcome, never enough men !!

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