Newcomer from Canada!

Helle ladies and gents!!!

Pleasure to make your acquaintances!!! Geez, feels great to write in English! Haven't had the opp for a while now! Let me introduce myself, I was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. My mum is English and my dad is French Canadian. I was blessed to have both languages be a part of our household!! A few years back, I met a Frenchman in my hometown and fell head over heals (I know, I know, lolll). We have since had a daughter and have chosen to raise her in the south of France after 4 years of trying in Montreal. I have very little family there as most have moved off, the healthcare system is wack and don't get me started on our schools!! We arrived last year in early June and I have been trying to get myself adapted since. I must admit, although I speak the language, there is still a barrier to get through. Our expressions are quite different as is our vocabulary, but in general it's good. What I've found difficult is finding work... that pays... But I've remained positive and I'm sure something will happen shortly!! :o)

I would love to make some contacts in my area and find some English speaking friends to share with, question of not feeling so alienated as well as being able to speak the language I'm most comfortable with!! Please don't be shy, I'd love to hear your stories and where your from! And if I can be of any help to anyone in regards to French language courses, again I'd be pleased to lend a hand!

In hopes of hearing from you soon!



Hi Kathryn!!

So thrilled to get a response!! Thanks for the line on the Franglais children group!! :o) I personally do find it a challenge to encourage the English language at home, but I do manage through movies and simple conversation. I honestly wish my my husband would accept the fact he is bilingual (he is actually quite fluent although he hesitates!!!) it would make learning for Marilou much easier! For the moment, we use English as a means of getting our "secret messages" by, such as getting on the same page for disciplinary issues... horrible in my perspective.... wish she already understrood what I was saying...

In regards to work, my husband and I have been working on starting our own business for some time now (lol) but have encountered some difficulties with my paperwork... SUCKS!!! But our spirits r high and we r hopeful our business will take off and give us what we need! There is an expression in french, I will translate and you can tell me if you relate!!! By default of making lots of money, I spend very little!!!!! lol That is our motto for the moment, keeps us smiling and chipper!!

And what about you? How did you end up in this neck of the woods?

have a great night and hope to hear from you soon!!



Hi Chris - welcome to SFN! There are lots of groups on here which you may enjoy if you can find them :)

As a mum bringing up children bilingually, it'd be really interesting to hear your views as someone who has been through it. I think there's a discussion in the Franglais children group.

I think we all find getting a paying job difficult which is why so any of us are self employed!


shoot, just saw my spelling mistake!! lollll, meant to say hello!!!