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The Canvey Island triangular Flapjack ban

Who can forget their first album? "That Takes The Biscuit!"

The whole family, intermarried with the Keynes family, is still there too. They still mainly do what he did most of the time there - go out shooting. It is actual a great place, the museums are fun and if you would like to ask your OH perhaps I might be able to fix them up a visit to Darwin College, perhaps take tea or whatever, which is in part Newnham Grange where CD's son and other parts of the Darwin family lived.

Darren and the Flapjacks. Brilliant group in the early 60's.

Darren actually!

Can't really see how much safer square or rectangular flapjacks might be after all they have an additional corner. Surely circular flapjacks would be the ideal 'Elfy solution.

Being pedantic that's Darwen. Now part of Blackburn Metropolitan Borough.

Or an Ozzie version, the Canveys of Darwin Island!

and Oz!

Oi, careful. I am a life fellow of Darwin! His great-grandson was also my next door neighbour one on and I had no idea we were living on Canvey Island.

Clearly they have not heard of Darwin.