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Hi Catharine,

Members might like to know that there is a special offer at The French Dining School in Brittany. Enrol on the cooking course which runs 23 - 27 May 2011 and bring a partner/friend for half price. That is a saving of Euros 475.

Hi Catharine - there is a special offer to SFN members featured by Miles - could you include that this week please? :slight_smile:


As suggested:

I am a painter/print maker based in Les matelles - near Montpellier. I have a studio and gallery, but can't afford to keep things going as they are - so i am looking for either someone to share my space (and my rent) - there's lots of space!! See here

Or I am looking for a new studio in the area - smaller and cheaper.

The third and final choice is buying somewhere in the area that I could use.

Any advice, comments welcome!!



Lovely idea Annette and one which can work just as well for men on their own?

If anyone is interested in animal welfare, our Cat Rescue and Rehoming charity is always happy to welcome volunteers, even people who are not near enough to give hands on help (or maybe don't want to) can be found essential roles to carry out.

Contact Chats du Quercy on 05 63 94 73 97 or

Hi Catharine, I’d like to ask anyone to submit links for useful groups/sites/associations for expat women in France that have found it tough to forge a new life here or “survive France”. I’ve put the details on my blog page and within the Lang-Rouss group for specifically regional links. I’m not a feminist and I know it’s not very festive but during my time in France I’ve met many women that have experienced some darker days and didn’t know where to turn for help so far from friends or familiar culture. Any useful links appreciated. Thanks, A

Marengo Website Design & Hosting : We offer affordable website design and hosting on a monthly subscription basis - making that bespoke website an affordable reality for small businesses as they don't have to find a big lump sum payment upfront. More info can be found at - we are based in the Limousin but can produce websites for you wherever you are in France or Europe as everything can be done via phone/email.

Thanks Catharine!

Hi Kirsty

I did get your message but thanks for posting it here as it makes my life a lot easier! Will do and again - please make sure all info is on your MY PAGE so that hopefully lots of potential customers can find you!

C x


I messaged you but thoughts this may be the best place. Still trying to navigate my way through SFN, sorry.

Would you be able to mention my company 'Premier Furniture Direct' in your newsletter.

We have just made our website bilingual and have a dedicated French enquiry line now but we also have many new exciting ranges for 2011 which are available now. To top this we are also fluent Dutch and German speakers also, so can answer enquiries in all languages.

We are still adding to our stock over the next couple of weeks and can source things we haven't got listed on there.

Everything comes fully assembled and we assemble the larger items like beds and wardrobes on site. We put all items in place and remove all packaging material for the client so they have nothing to do but enjoy there new furniture. We offer free delivery anywhere in France on orders over £1500 and can work with neighbours to achieve this amount. Otherwise we offer a cost only, non profit, delivery service.

We try to be as flexible as possible and can overcome any problems together with the client and we are happy to work with keyholders.

Plus all SFN members are entitled to 10% discount on non discounted items!!

Many thanks indeed, we don't have a links page on our website but i'll gladly put a link and some good words on our growing 'Premier Furniture Direct' Facebook page and 'PFD_furniture' Twitter account. On these pages we offer exclusive deals to our followers and it's a more informal look at our family company.

Thanks very much, have a lovely day.

Kirsty Achterhuis

Follow us on Facebook: "Premier Furniture Direct"

Follow us on Twitter: "PFD_furniture"

@ Hilary - James is getting in touch now.

@ Dan - of course - make sure the link is on your MY PAGE and in a prominent place!

Hi Catherine,

Can you include me in your newsletter. I've got a new site for my recording studio- . Please contact me for Christmas deals and half days.

Many thanks,


Hi Catharine! Could you include a (paid) ad for my book please? Thanks - Hilary

French Nouns: Masculine or Feminine.

An e-book to help you remember whether French nouns are masculine or feminine.The e-book is based on linking memorable images to word endings. Prudent use of colour also highlights whether words are masculine or feminine. Only €8,97!! An ideal Christmas present!!!

If you’re looking for a tutor or a course in France for yourself or your children and don’t find what you want on my website I offer a free search service whatever the subject.

Morning - please can you include event reminder in your next newsletter
Our next networking meeting will be held on Thursday 2 December at Chateau de Lisse, 47170 Reaup-Lisse, Lot et Garonne start at 10am finish approx 11.30am, Chrissie will be providing an insight into Public relations and the media, wine tasting with a special chrismas offer on all wines red, rose and white, networking, coffee and homemade welsh cakes !

Cost is 10 euros per person
Dont forget to bring business cards, literature or just yourself !

Hi Catharine, would this be suitable for the newsletter? Many thanks and change it if you have to :slight_smile: (and take it easy on the kids)

Brand new Meet Up group for Paris: Paris If You Please: Friendly face-to-face get-togethers to make the most of our city, with a cultural angle -

I’m offering a free ad on to any French teachers or teachers of French out there, in exchange for the odd bit of translation work.

Please could you mention the new Coffee Shop opening in Montpellier(34) 2nd Dec? Details are listed on the Lang-Rouss SFN group page + a discount voucher offer for anyone that might want to stop by and take a look…

New Smallholding course on Facilitutors covering animal husbandry, woodland management, the working horse, managing a vegetable garden, hand spinning, preserving food - jams, bottling, pickles, etc., pig products - sausages, pork pies etc… For locals of Dept 49 or residential.
[pity Kathy and Rob don’t have broadband or they’d be ideal to help with new group]

Grace still needs to find a new home - we’d love her to be settled by Christmas!
Also, Roger & Julia have relaunched their Mountains Passions website - everything you need to know about skiing in France (they’ll be too modest to mention it!). Fantastic photography and independent, quality reviews, please check it out along with their new FB page.

Lynn McBride continues to offer up tales of living in a medieval château with a French couple in southern Burgundy. French culture, expat life, wine and cooking are all topics, including a FAQ section about moving to France. Subscribe to her weekly blog at, which includes an American/French fusion recipe each week.