NHS Clapping

Thinking about the clapping tonight,still enthusiastic but shorter as the weather isn’t as good,I was wondering if there is something similar in France? and is it embraced as enthusiastically as in the UK

It is in our village, and every night not just Thursdays. It’s also a moment for neighbours to say hello to each other.

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It doesn’t seem to occur in this part of Basse Normandie. I’m inclined to think most local inhabitants are in their nightshirts. There are scarcely any homesteads with lights on much after sunset, and shutters are drawn. Only sounds are the fluttering of bats, and an occasional rustling in the undergrowth.

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Our neighbours and far-flung friends have certain knowledge/concerns about UK… as they send us messages of support/comfort, since they know we have family there…

but none of them has mentioned clapping… :thinking: :thinking: and neither have we…

Every Thursday night for the last six weeks. Last night my local hospital sang a happy birthday for Captain/ Colonel Tom as part of it

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where is your local hospital ??

In northern England

Ah… well, that is understandable … UK clapping for a UK gentleman who has shown guts and fortitude… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Eddie, it has been lovely to take part in the clapping and there seems to be more and more people on my street coming out every week. We take the opportunity to shout “Hello’s” and wave at each other. I love the feeling of togetherness, if only for a few minutes.
Izzy x

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I think the UK copied France (and we probably copied Italy and Spain). You can’t escape it on the news, been showing it everynight since the confinement started :wink:


We are too far apart for anyone to hear.

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We’ve done a candle in the window… and bells ringing… can’t remember anything else… but my memory is suffering lockdownitis… :frowning: :roll_eyes: :hugs:

Our soon-to-be-mayor says he and his wife clap, but there are no other houses nearby to join in…a bit sad.

Philosophically speaking, whether anybody hears is beside the point. It’s the unselfish act of clapping that matters. Clap like the clappers!

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I think in our case I think the fact that they are appreciated is the most important factor.

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Just take care.


Giving something unconditionally, with no expectation of any reward, including the appreciation of the recipient , is a very noble aspiration that few of us ever fulfil.

That’s why in some cultures gifts are never unwrapped in the presence of the donor, and are quickly set aside.


I did clap as usual last night along with the rest of the street but there was not the same feeling or atmosphere as before. The whole of the UK has made it’s point and maybe it is time to end it. Let’s hope the government has taken note and starts to reward NHS staff with decent salaries.
Izzy x


I think the time is coming to at least change the clapping , once a month and then a massive celebration when all the restrictions are taken off would be better IMO