Nick Clegg: the Goverment's Brexit position is asking for the impossible


Agreed. The EU will put paid to this attitude in a very short time. They have been spoilt for long decades. Now they leave the resentment will last for a generation. The feeling being " You cant trust the Brits!". The arrogance is beyond belief. The conceit enormous. They had a right to leave but not to undermine the EU. Funny the rage against the EU and the crooked way they prevented expats votes. The USA and UK equal partners? The US are Anteus. The way they cheated the Exchequer in their multinationals heralds no good for UK post brexit. The way they fined UK banks the same.

Well, at least all banana-growers in UK can sight of relief. That argument came up as only(?) argument besides refugee issues during the brexit campaign. In fact I am more sure that farage has interest in the banas, one way or another. :sunglasses: