Nicknames - what's yours?

Following on from another thread, this might be fun....And goodness knows, we need something to take our minds off the weather!

Did you have a nickname as a child or when you were younger? Or have you still got one?

And why?

My elder daughter used to call me Mommolina, then shortened to Lina Pina. I now find that when I come back to one of the apps on my I pad it says "Welcome Baclk Lina Pina 656".

Not as individual as I thought.

primary school = Pansy Potter, shortened to Pansy (yes, I read the Beano!)

high school = Womble - my school shoes had unusually large toe space, they were brown and flat.....

Lindy Loo by my parents, speccy four eyes by my brother and ricksys little/big sis depending on whose friends they were, took me a long time to be known as Lin! Oh and LinDA when I was in trouble! I still jump when anybody calls me that!

mine was "Boots" (and still is for my UK family). Now it's l'anglais like so many others here...!

Mine was “Bone” at school no idea why.

For some reason best known to himself, my brother called me "Sharkbait". That was 50 years ago and I still get emails "Howya Sharkbait" and not just from the bro. Oh well, could have been worse.

And Catharine, ever since you admitted to wanting ponytails, I am stuck with the Pippy Longstocking refrain going through my head. Thanks.

When I was a kid, as now, I ate a lot. My nickname by my mates was "Setpotgob"!