Night Sky tonight - Shooting Stars

Peep outside… westward ho… for a lovely conjunction… the waxing crescent moon and Venus … :hugs:

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Beautiful out there tonight Stella. Looks like we may finally have some sunshine here in the Creuse tomorrow!

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Thanks for that Stella, had to ask Madam to come and look , this is the pic She took.


Once saw that, good while ago, with the planet, just off centre of the cresent, Turkish Flag?

Ah Bill you’re a poet and don’t knowit :slight_smile:

The first photo shows “earthshine” really well.

It’s interesting that the moon appears bright in the night sky - it’s albedo (the %age of light reflected) is 0.12 which makes it about as reflective as a lump of coal. Shows you just how bright the Sun is!

EDIT: I thought to check that meme that the moon is only as reflective as coal. As with many things the question of the moon’s reflectivity is complex and it turns out it probably is a bit more reflective than coal - but it is still a fairly dull lump of dark rock!

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It’s Madam who’s the poet, and poto taker, not me Paul :slightly_smiling_face:

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When looking at the concave bit of the moon on that pic, shows the moon as a very ‘rough battered’ place. Only seen that once before when I saw a lunar eclise in Arles, years ago :hushed:

Tonight… 18th… Venus falls down into the milky way… still make a lovely picture with the waxing moon…

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Beautifull moon, wonderfull images of the craters …


Photo taken by Babeth, not me , btw :slightly_smiling_face:

The moon toonight, but no sign of Regulus for now


"Tonight – May 21, 2018 – the half-lit first quarter moon passes 1.5 degrees (3 moon-diameters) north of Regulus, the brightest star in the constellation Leo the Lion. Nearly everyone worldwide can use the moon to find the star Regulus on this night.

Just look for the moon in the evening sky. The nearby bright star will be Regulus."

Except that there is a cloud layer… can just make out a vague moon shape through it… but no hope of anything else… blast… :expressionless:

Not as good quality of the last one, it’s a bit hazy here, SE 56. Could it be this you were hoping to see ? (Babeth)

Frankly… if that is the only star you can see Babette… I’ll settle for that… I have no idea and am losing the will to live almost, with all the cloud cover here

Can’t see anything at all now… clouds getting ready for tomorrow’s threatened storms I suppose… :thinking:



I am a gentle soul… normally… but I am getting fed up… complete cloud cover and a storm rumbling/flashing around… no sign of the moon or anything else.:persevere::zipper_mouth_face:

And another beautiful morning here in sunny Brittany :grin:

Sunny here too… but storms (yet again) forecast for tonight… so I doubt I shall be star-gazing…:zipper_mouth_face: