No call or text is worth your life. #ItCanWait

I just wish the message would get home to those who risk not only their own lives… but the lives of others as well…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I was listening to an an old guy (a cyclist) …talking about cyclists keeping safe on the roads…whilst he wasn’t talking about texting in cars… the message is the same…

rough translation: "It takes 9 months for us to come into this world and a micro-second of inattention… to leave it … "

'nuff said

Saw a friend of my son liking a picture of one of her friends on facebook. It was captioned something along the lines of “breakfast on the go this morning” and showed her holding food whilst driving in rain in a built up area. So she’s holding her food in one hand, the other is holding the phone, the rev counter clearly shows the car is driving along- what is wrong with these people? " Oh, I killed a child because I had to post a picture of me eating whilst driving"- that should go down well in court!

We need to share this with our children and their friends - serious topic, but presented in an amusing way. Gets the point home though! Get this out there folks…

I am always avoiding people on their phones and not looking where they are going.
How do you police people using their phones in the car?
You need two witnesses i think, or wait and see the flowers on the side of the road.
When i get a message from my family and i am driving i cannot look at it until i have stopped, yet i know they are texting and driving, despite my repeated attempts on explaining i get told i nag.