No-cost phone calls to businesses in the US


Has anyone used a cell phone to make a call to a business in the US, from France? And if so, has anyone does this at no cost (free of charge)?

A friend from the US is going to stay in France for a few months. She’s got a US cell phone and wants to know if it’s possible to call business phone numbers, for US businesses, from France. She specifically wants to be able to call the business, rather than say, emailing, messaging. While in France, she uses her cell phone to call folks in the US for free e.g. using WhatsApp - but can one call a business that way?

I didn’t know as I always use our landline for calling a business in the US, since our subscription service for the landline allows international calling.

Any experience you can offer would be appreciated.


Which phone numbers, and to and from which countries it is possible to call them without incurring additional charges, will depend upon the calling plan that your friend pays for with her US cell phone provider. Therefore she should pose her question to whichever company provides her US cell phone service.


WiFi calling is the functionality she needs to make free voice calls to numbers not on WhatsApp.

Best done when camped on very fast, high bandwidth WiFi as it can struggle to maintain the high Quality of Service (QoS) needed for Conversational connections (low latency, low jitter, few errors).

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We live in the US but travel to France. Our carrier is T-mobile and on our plan it’s a free call when we’re in France from our US phone # to a US phone # over wifi. These three requirements must be met for the call to be free.

We don’t get a free call from that phone if we’re calling a French phone # even if we’re using wifi, nor can we call a US # without using wifi.

We’ve done this for trips as long as six weeks.

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