No extra taxation of government pension when SRP is received

Hello everyone,

A few years ago I was lucky enough to get early retirement and I am in receipt of a UK govt pension, teachers to be exact. This is taxed in the UK ( double taxation treaty) and I enter gross amounts and tax paid onto my french tax return, which then 'receives' a little more in the way of tax. Still with me or have you all fallen asleep by now? ;-).

Quite soon I shall be claiming my UK State retirement pension which is not taxable but HMRC will take more tax from my teachers pension. As I am a permanent resident of France I will be putting the SRP gross totals on my French tax return. So, my question is this-

What forms must I fill in to send back to HMRC to request that they do not take extra tax from me as I will be taxed in France on it. Is it simply the France Particulier forms, in english and french and if so what do I mention as the income source not to be taxed.

I could try phoning HMRC but don't fancy holding on the line for several hours!

I think you will find that you won’t be taxed in the UK on your State pension just your teachers pension. You get a credit from France for the tax you have already paid on your Teachers pension and then your state pension is taxed in full in France. There are separate boxes on your French tax form for the different pensions. I am sure someone will be able to correct me if I am wrong. You might need to fill in form si2009 from UK to ensure that this happens.

Why do you think UK state pension is not taxable?

How is my State Pension taxed? | The Pensions Advisory Service…pensions/…pension/pensions…/how
If your gross income is more than your personal allowance, you’re liable to pay income tax on the amount that exceeds the personal allowance. Different rates of income tax apply depending on the type of income and how much it is. The State Pension is paid to you gross (before any tax is deducted).