No Hope - do you agree?


One never knows but humanity’s ability to self destruct doesn’t surprise me.

I don’t know,but I have to say I cannot remember when the world had such a pack of incompetent or downright evil Leaders of Nations as we have today. There are obvious exceptions thank Goodness, but the list of the former is already far too long.

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I remain hopeful, even while acutely aware of the imminent threat to human civilsation from climate/ecological breakdown.
I’m lucky enough through my work, and also through my teenage children, to come into contact with many thoughtful and entrepreneurial young people determined to change the world for the better - not only through political activism but also in their everyday lives, and especially (as my work has been in enterprise development - though I’m gradually retiring now) by making the business world socially and environmentally responsible.
The news is bad, but the youth of the world still fill me with hope.


These things have been happening for a long time and nobody cared.
Now they are getting reported.
People are getting angry and scared.
Only one step away from doing something about it. . . . .

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The contrary seems to be showing in the attitude of young people with regard to mask wearing and now vaccination.
I can understand not being keen on following the science, but those who are working on vaccines are from No 10 and , I feel sure, would not allow their principles to be put aside for political reasons.

What??? Are you being sarcastic Jane?

No, I am not.
They have their reputation to uphold.

Not true, they are independent scientists who are dedicated to finding a solution to a disease that is killing people and threatens to destroy our way of life.

Scientists can make mistakes, but they are much more likely to tell the truth and admit it than politicians.

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What I should have said that those working on vaccines are not from No. 10.
Please out this down to the heat.
Universities and highly regarded research institutes would not allow their name to be tarnished by allowing a dangerous or inefficient vaccine to come onto the market.
However, what the politicians do with those who many not be so straight is a different matter.


Ah. Thanks for clearing that one up Jane. Perhaps you now understand why I replied as I did. :slight_smile: