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I moved to France in November and had signed up for a new landline and internet with Orange. After 4 technician visits, he didnt connect the internet or landline. He would turn up for 10 minutes, have a coffee, say theres a problem with the line and then say I’ll be back tomorrow, which he never did. Eventually I switched to SFR as the Orange guy never came back, I dont know why (maybe he didnt like my coffee). Now SFR have cancelled their technician appts twice and are apparently coming 16th Feb, but I know they will cancel again as a friend of mine has had the same problem for 2 years. She said ‘they eont show up’.

I have a 4g french mobile phone, so I can access internet but as we are opening gites in the summer, I’m worried there will still be no landline/internet. It seems crazy to me that the technicians dont fix the problem! Anyone else had the same problem ? And did you ever get internet?


Hello Tina, welcome to Survive France.

As SF’s terms and conditions ask, please could you provide your full name.

Sorry you had no success with the Orange or SFR technicians.

Just some thoughts for you - I suggest you give up on the coffee and the chat - not a good idea with COVID anyway! Be much more business-like with them. They are not your friends and they are there to do a job for you. This may sound sexist, but I do find young male French men aren’t great with women giving them instructions! Do you have a male “other half” who can be around looking grumpy when needed? :slight_smile:
Have they told you why there is a problem? Is this something you have to pay for? eg extra telegraph poles to bring the line to the house.
If you have no success with an appointment, get on the helpline (if you are dealing with Orange it’s 3900) the next day and hassle them until they do turn up and do the job properly.

Beware using more than one telecomms provider - some people seem to manage it, but it can be a disaster, because each can blame the other for the problem. Bear in mind France Telecom / Orange has the network (ie the physical line) and much as most of us loathe Orange (see the comments here) at least if you are with them you are dealing with only one company.

Re your guests and the gite - they may surprise you! Some of ours in the past used the livebox/internet connection but increasingly they are doing everything on their mobile phones. Mind you, if roaming charges are back that may change. :thinking:


Hi and welcome to SF
What have you done in respect to your contracts with Orange and SFR? Are they still active and you are paying for both?
Seeing that you can get a reasonable 4G signal (acknowledging the caution given by @SuePJ) why not consider the Bouygues 4G offer?

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Thank you for replies. I am.only with SFR. I will definitely have a look at the Bouygues offer.




Not 'arf. Probably the most loathed institution/corporation in FR. And ES, come to that.

And if you’re getting a landline installed, make sure you have an old school corded phone for when the power goes out.

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