No longer covered by RSI

I used to be in the auto entrepreneur system until I retired a year ago. I didn’t realise that after a year I would no longer be entitled to a carte vitale through RSI. Dies anyone know who I should speak to about continuing cover ? I am 64 and have top up insurance with Radiance, I had an MRI scan a few weeks ago and have just had a message from the clinic saying that RSI will not cover the cost. Any guidance gratefully received. Thank you.

you need to see cpam who cover those not working or in salaried positions

take all your docs to them - your rsi paperwork avis d'impositions proof of address etc and they will sort it out pretty quickly (I've been known to walk out an hour later with my attestation having changed caisse from msa to them)

Sorry, can’t help in that situation. I think that there has been another post about this though.

Jane, I am an American, not a UK citizen, so that doesn't apply to me. We're currently covered via my AE status but at some point I will retire. I'm also unsure of what happens if I pre-decease my husband (my dependent).

Holly, as French residents we are covered by EU health regulations. The UK pays the French health authorities for UK retirees health care as at the same level as the French receive.
If you are a UK citizen this will apply to you when you receive official UK retirement age.
Check the DWP website.

But what happens to non-UK residents?

Kathy, when you reach UK retirement you will be entitled to form S1 from Newcastle which will entitle you to join the French healthcare system via CPAM.
I am not sure just when you will be entitled to reach official UK retirement age, as these have changed fairly recently
Have a look at the DWP website.
When you have a form S1 you will now be able to return to UK for pre-planned medical treatment.

I need to know this as well. I'm still AE & pay to cover me (as well as my husband). At some point in the future if/when I retire, will we no longer have coverage? That's scary.