No More Bottled Water!

Or leave some water in the kettle?

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And don’t forget that water in a plastic bottle in a warm place or direct sunlight (e.g. in a car) produces carcinogens, especially for breast cancer.


Hi Ian - do you have a link to confirm that info please?

There is a limited amount of times the same plastic bottled can be refilled.

How long / how often Lily?

Our tap water is mineral water and among the purest in Europe but we make our tea, and for drinking, use a filter jug because the tea tastes better and we find the very mineraly water is a bit irritating on the kidneys

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It’s great you can check the quality of your local tap water on the Veolia website!

Usually only drink filtered tap water, but today the water was coming through ‘milky’ had to run it until clear!

If the bottle can be refilled there should be a number on the bottom relating to the maximum usage.

Ahhh ok that’s a new one on me - thanks ! :+1::+1::+1: So, no number = no refill ?

I’ve always drunk tap-water everywhere I’ve lived including subtropical Africa, and have never suffered ill-effects.

I know some people have ‘ticklish tummies’ but I also think that over the past 40 years people have swallowed the advertising propaganda that the sellers of water have insinuated into our consumer culture, so that bottled water is the “norm”.

What a pathetically idiotic state of affairs, a hugely lucrative corporate swindle, and a scandalous ecological wound on the living planet.

If a gullible public can be hypnotised into buying plain water they can be persuaded into any catastrophe, like the children were seduced away by the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Their parents just stood and watched as the Piper led them off to oblivion.


Unfortunately our area is not covered.

Yup :slight_smile:

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That’s a shame - we get these bulletins, bit scary :roll_eyes:

There are many (and a lot of conflicting views, of course).
One I found by googling ‘plastic bottles breast cancer’, though I have seen others.
Whatever the final analysis, I’ve asked my wife not to drink water from a plastic bottle kept in the car.

Ahhh ok Ian - I just Googled and came up with this … (click the pic for more…)


@simonflys “we get these bulletins, bit scary!”

Can’t see what’s scary about this bulletin.

It reports potable water of a very high standard of purity. Certainly as good as anything you buy or keep in a bottle at room temperature or above.

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As I said, Simon, conflicting views. propounds the other point of view.
I’m not taking any chances!

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Yes, it can be scary . Water is something we all need, yet so easy to pollute if we don’t all take care. Nitrate levels are coming down, but no room for complacency - we are all responsible (not just the farmers) .

Of course there is still a lot of lead pipe in properties., so no matter how pure on arrival - the water can still give pause for thought. In some cases, it would be understandable to wonder about the modernity of the plumbing etc before accepting a drink, unless it is eau de vie. :grin: :flushed::upside_down_face:

My brother vowed to drink only whisky when he first visited our home in UK. He felt uncertain about the well water once he heard we were not on mains drainage… :joy::upside_down_face::thinking:

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This is the link to the Plastic info on the Breast Cancer site - very interesting IMO