No More Bottled Water!

Just watched the first installment of ‘War on Plastic’ on BBC One - excellent. In fact, so excellent, there will be no more bottled water bought in this house :potable_water::potable_water::potable_water: (just had a light-bulb moment!)


We used to get through 3 litres of bottled water a day but then decided a few months ago enough was enough. We bought (from France) two filter carafes «Fill & Serve» (one with a pink top and one blue) and are very pleased with them. The replacement filters are obtainable online from Brita but we can also get them slightly cheaper from LeClerc.


Recently bought a Brita water filter jug from Lidl. I had kept a few small empty plastic bottles so now fill them with the filtered water and keep in the fridge. I like to take a bottle with me when I am out and about ! Its amazing how much plastic we go through …

What’s wrong with the tap all you folks?


Ugh, Jane if you ever tasted the tap water here then you would have the answer …

Our water is chalky and messes the kettle up so has to be filtered. My mum’s always coughing on the bits of scale in the bottom of her cuppa, I’ve learned to leave some tea in my cup.

There was an interesting scientist on Woman’s Hour this morning who said that plastic is great but it should be reused eg a school makes children use their plastic spoon for a year.

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Tap water here is great, no problems whatsoever but cannot wean Madame Wood off that ‘orrible Evian stuff in Plastic - Grrrrr’

I prefer the ‘Chateau de la Pompe’ myself.

I changed over from bottled water to a Brita water filter jug a while ago. I contacted Brita to ask whether the filters were able to be recycled but Brita said they weren’t. Brita said that there were some collection points for the used filters in the UK. Unfortunately no collection points were in France yet. Is this still the case? I reluctantly throw the spent filters in the general household waste.

Hmm, whilst convenience is one thing there are other dangers, what’s wrong with a metal spoon/cutlery, or is it laziness on the cleaning side?

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I wondered that.

Can I just check - why do some of you use Brita filters. Is it a taste thing or a safety / clean thing?

I haven’t drunk tap water for many years (I know, I know, I know…) and freely admit I’ve been one of the gullible dorks who’s fallen for the marketing hype around bottled water. I guess I always knew it was a con but having it confirmed is still a blow lol ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We discovered a Brita recycling facility in LeClerc La Rochefoucauld (Dept 16 Charente).

Nowt… we use tap in the Brita :+1:


A taste thing Simon, the tap water here can often be berk !

Lol ok Ann but - it’s safe right ?

Well only if you don’t drown in it :rofl::rofl:

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It’s made me think back to when restaurants first started to introduce bottled water and I remember thinking ‘well that’s just daft - imagine them trying to sell me water!!’ - who’d have thought it would become the ‘norm’?

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I know everyone’s taste is different, but I always ask for a carafe of tap water with a meal (as well as wine) and have never had anything disgusting provided.

At home we drink the tap water, but I know friends in the Commune who do seem to have a lot more chlorine flavour to their tap water. I suppose it depends on how close one lives to the “dosing” centre. :thinking:

As a child, when we moved from Suffolk to Devon - the change in water flavour was quite a shock. Hard water in Suffolk and soft water in Devon - took a while to get used to it, but no other option.