No More Slugs?

Has anyone tried nematodes?

…and can they be bought in French garden centres?

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Beer traps for me

Waste of beer, get hedgehogs :beer::beer:

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I bought some at gamme vert, but i used them for underground grubs in the grass, so not sure if they will do for slugs, may be worth a look on gamme verts website.

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Yes they can be brought here, Gamm Vert or online from various places. You need specific nematodes for specific pests, and need to be careful about applying in the right weather conditions and temperature. It needs planning, as they have a sort shelf life, but sometimes have to be ordered in advance. So yiu need to work out when might be ideal.

We use them against courtilière and they work very well. They are expensive, bit we now only need to treat once every two to three years, as they are so effective.

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Thank you.

Thanks - I’ll pop round there tomorrow.

Only have them in the right season…might already be too cold for the nematodes.

Loads of slugs here, they don’t bother me so I don’t bother them, but, despite having a perfectly natural garden with plenty of cover and no pesticides, I haven’t seen a hedgehog in it for years. ;-(

Please make sure whatever you use is animal friendly. Just been to vet to collect a cat poisoned by slug killer. Not a pleasant sight. She is weak but hopefully will survive.

I do hope so David. We nearly lost our Airedale when she was 2 years old (fortunately lived to tell the tale and has now reached 12).
We have always gardened organically, but our neighbouring farmer foolishly had smothered his field in slug pellets and she found them.
Has your vet talked to you about giving liver support? Not sure what can be done for cats but Vita had a silymarin supplement for weeks afterwards and we got some appalling liver readings back to normal very fast.

This was her story …

So glad your outcome was good Sue. Yes she has given the advice and tablets. We lost two other cats to an illegal rat poison last year which was more potent and just liquified the blood. We are THE Cat people of the village. I will not go off subject further here but when I have a little more time will explain the story behind it. On subject salt is very efficient.

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Got the nematodes from Baumaux, Gamm Vert also sell them.
They worked ok - last year I was a little late using them. Will try again spring next year. Used them in my Scottish veg garden with great success.

Good. All the best for a full recovery.