No numero de declarant en ligne

I am just trying to start the process of my second tax return. I still cannot log in to becayse I don't have a numero de declarant en ligne. Its on the top of my last declaration? No its not, my last declaration was my first and had no such number. The avis I have from them regarding that last return says "voir votre declaration". I didn't receive any thing by post before the deadline last year, do I just wait for a printed 2042 with my "no de declarant en ligne"?

Please don't suggest emailing them because I have more success writing to Santa.


Once you've done your first declaration and are 'in the system', they send you the forms in the post. And your number will be preprinted on the form.

It's a bit early yet though. You have until June.

The easiest thing to do would be pop into you nearest 'Perception' or Trésor Public as it's probably called nowadays and ask. There must be one in Chalus ?

Thanks. I've been wondering the same thing. Off to the tresor publique I go.

I went to my local Tresor about the same thing. They looked all through their records, computer etc and said there wasn't a numero de declarant for us. It might be on the tax form when they post it to me, but if not I will have to declare on paper again. Not helpful to you I know but that seems to be the way it is.