No veneer in 'ere

No, but there is a bloody great crack. :rage:

You’d think that the one thing a furniture manufacturer would have high up its priority list was actually getting items out of the factory and delivered to the customer without smashing it to pieces - 2 attempts out of two so far.

This time one leg split away from the carcass

The first attempt to deliver the chest of drawers had a split at the top

Oh well, third time lucky perhaps.

My son and daughter in law ordered an oak bed from that lot about two years ago. It arrived broken in transit due to bad workmanship apparently. It would seem that the bed left the factory in dodgy condition and the shock of the transport was enough to make it worse.
The company offered an immediate no-quibble refund.

In both cases I think the damage has occurred in transit and probably is not due to a manufacturing problem - you can see that the glue line of the joint has not failed in either case but the wood itself has split - probably took a good bit of force.

Muppet delivery company, really getting fed up with the delivery companies, even when they smash things, try getting them to cough up under the insurance is a waste of time.

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You have to be aware that Oak Furniture Land is nothing more than a sales organisation.
Effectively, the plagiarised the Oak Furniture Spain original designs.
We bought a huge TV table from this outfit and the quality was very impressive. Solid oak well treated from sustainable sources and substantially constructed in their own facility not the basic crap for the masses offered by their competitors. It was delivered by their own delivery team on time to us in France and if we had ordered wardrobes, for example, their delivery person would have installed it for us.
Overall, an excellent product.
When we ordered, we spoke to the man running the company who was extremely helpful and he gave us the low-down (pun intended) on the “no veneer in 'ere” merchants.
Their deliveries are scheduled across France to Spain and you are kept in the loop about how the schedule is progressing.
I have no problems about recommending them.

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I had no problems recommending them having previously bought stuff for the French house with no problems. As you say reasonable price for reasonable quality.

This time we bought four items of bedroom furniture - three smaller items were OK but the chest of drawers had obviously met an irresistible force during transport.

Once is “one of those things” - twice is starting to look careless.

While OAK is in their name, I don’t think they actually say the furniture is made of oak!
Deceptif marketing.

Yes, they do, though they use some other hardwoods as well

I will take more notice if I see the ad again.

The specific claim that they make (prominent on their website) is that all their furniture is 100% solid hardwood.

Individual ranges state what wood - at present (AFAIK) it is either oak or mango.

Here you go…

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It is deceptive to me, I thought the furniture was all oak !

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@anon88169868 sorry Paul, I didn’t make it clear. I was not talking about Oak Furniture Land with a recommendation, I was referring to Oak Furniture Spain - a much different and better company.

The outfit I used is oak…

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AHH marketing at its best.

I have no reason to believe that you are wrong - but Oak Furniture Land has been going since (according to Wikipedia) since 2003 on eBay and 2006 online - whereas Oakland Furniture Spain (and its parent company Forest Tec Ltd) seem to have sprung into existence in 2016.

I would be fascinated to hear more of the story.

Well, finally, third time lucky.

Talking to the neighbour that let the delivery drivers in, the guy dropped the whole thing from a height of about 4’ on the 2nd delivery - no wonder it didn’t survive.

Sounds like the delivery chap that delivered our cooker & fridge freezer from But, when we first arrived…
That, or they went on the same training course.

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You would probably not have accepted delivery without first unpacking and making sure the contents were not damaged by such treatment.

However, I do understand the neighbour perhaps not thinking of doing that…or not wanting to make a fuss… always a difficult call… :thinking:

Sadly they only deliver during the day and no chance of time off work to be present.