No Visa necessary

Just like needing to have an ESTA for the USA if a visa is not held.
Recently I had to pay for a similar electronic permission just to change planes in Montreal whilst travelling to the USA.
It would seem that this type of thing is being taken up by more and more countries these days.

Its effectively a visa though.

Cue vast outrage at the fee

Madness for those of us that live here, I can drive to any part of the EU from France and not even have to flash my passport but if I dare visit the UK I’ll need to buy a visa to be allowed back in to my resident country.

No you will not. Your CdS will allow you entry to France from Britain and to visit all other Schengen countries. That was stated in the recent release by the French Interior Ministry.

I’m hoping that is the case David but to be honest I have absolutely no faith in any French Ministry press release at present.

It was not a press release. Perhaps you missed its publication because you were away?