No water circulation and high pressure in the filter

I wonder if it might help your general stress level Freya if you simply got a local pool professional (maybe John knows somebody?) to give you an estimate for repair, and offered to take this amount off the price you are asking for the house sale?

I’ve certainly given up on Easter.

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Ouch! Just re-booked the ferry - 2 weeks Easter = £457 (with discount), one week for the May ½ term £675, also with discount.

It seems Brittany Ferries solution to lower passenger numbers is simply to hike the prices massively.

I imagine they had to, to survive, although it will be very amaging long term, I should think. To be honest, I’m surprised they’re still managing to keep going at all. They must have had hardly any passengers over the past few months and even when I last came across in July, the numbers were more than halved because of everyone having to have a cabin.

I do hope you make it Paul - it’s been such a long time for you, hasn’t it?

They have new freight routes from Ireland to Roscoff, St Malo and Cherbourg and are increasing sailings on the existing routes, I imagine that will go some way to fill the hole in their finances.

Last trip I managed was Jul/Aug so if we do get over in May/June it will be 10 months (though more than a year since my wife & son have been to the house).

It’s not just the ferry - if we still need negative tests both ways that’s an additional approx £450 each way on top.

I think that if you are getting tests here, they are still free for everyone :thinking:

Including for the purposes of travel?

Absolutely! There was a HUGE spike in tests just before Christmas when people were off visiting families. Others may be able to confirm or deny it but my understanding is that you are not asked what it is for. I think it made a big difference to the COVID incidence over Christmas…

Just checked - if you do have to pay for a test, it looks like the cost came down to just over 43 euros in January. There’s no upfront cost with a Carte Vitale and it is 100% reimbursed. Without a Carte Vitale, I can’t confirm the rules but I’m sure someoe will have done it!

I’ll check back when/if I can travel (no prospect at the moment, obviously - even if I could get out of England, I can’t get into France).

In the UK you specifically cannot use an NHS test (nor, annoyingly a self administered lateral flow test as I have a box and a half of those for work) for the purposes of travel outside the UK.

How very frustrating!
We should be hearing next week about whether France’s measures are going to tighten or loosen. Fingers crossed…

Paul -
That is certainly the obvious interpretation of the regulations. However…

I traveled UK to France on Dec 28 using a negative NHS Covid test taken on Dec 26.

The wording states that the test is expressly not available to prove status for travel purposes.

However, I had the test because someone in my UK family bubble had experienced symptoms. I reported this via the excellent AskZoe app and was asked to take an NHS test. The test and result were accepted by the border control teams in the UK and France.

A slightly French logic but it worked :slightly_smiling_face:

It should be a perk for NHS workers, dog knows they deserve some little extras.


I hesitate to use the word pool professional as I have only met 2 competent pool pros in all my time in France and at the 2nd largest pool trade fair in Europe so not a glowing recommendation. If you mean those that take money for doing what it says on the card it would be more accurate. The reality is pools are seen as a higher price ticket to your bank account than a regular builder.
In this case a local pool builder has, it seems, caused even more damage than was there before. Luddite!

Hi John,

Have just got off the phone with Dawn who has asked me to see if you could get a price for two half metre patches with glue, delivered to France.

It also occurred to me that the pool man man have caused the tear when his workmen removed the steps. Wouldn’t he be covered by his insurance for such possibilities? The pool water level was such as to suggest there was no tear before they started work.


Hi Freya,
Yes I will get a price for the patches.
Trying to get the pool man to admit they caused the tear will be difficult but worth a try.

Sorry. Just realised you did respond but I didn’t pick it up!

Vera is going to try and put it to Mr. Cotineau, but I doubt he will accept responsibility.

His repair costs for the pool have come in at about 3600€. He won’t consider a patch!

How did the steps end up like that, subsidence at the front or water washing the soil/foundation away ??

We hadn’t been able to get over to France and with all the rain the pool overflowed. Clearly some of the water went behind the liner. I guess the seal wasn’t as good as it should have been after seven years of full on sun.