No water in apartment

Hello, if someone could advise please that would be great.
We arrived to a note on the door saying that works are being carried out in our apartment building to the water and so not to use any taps. Not a problem, we went out. When we came back that afternoon ( after works had finished ) we had no water at all. 60 hours later we still have no water in our apartment.
We have contacted the plumbing firm and they were altering pipework in the apartment above ours but it was organised by the owners not the syndic. The plumbers came back and aparantly need access to the apartment next to ours. This apartment has been recently sold and the syndic do not have the details or keys of the new owners.
Going round in circles. We have managed on showering and filling up bottles from a neighbour.
Can anyone advise should we go down a legal route to get it sorted or keep pestering?
Many thanks in advance. Adam

Hello Adam and welcome to the Forum.

No ideas about how things work in apartment blocks… have you checked your lease/legal papers about this sort of problem ??

Hopefully someone will chime in with some ideas…

Where abouts are you ???

Hi Stella,

I am in Nice. The papers etc. Are back in the UK so will have to check them later this week when return.
I think the main problem is the syndic. They are useless. Thanks Adam

Sounds like an isolating valve has been shut off to allow the work and forgotten about - is there not a building manager of some sort?

Surely if the plumbers created the problem by working in the apartment above yours they can solve it there too.


Rotten luck, but perhaps just as well you are there and can get it sorted… rather than further down the line, when you come on holiday and whoops… no water… and everyone just shrugging their shoulders…:roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face: hope it gets sorted soon.

Hi Paul, there is only 1 valve for the whole building and its on. It’s an old building. They have into the apt where works were carried out but no joy. I think the pipes need to be powerflushed, there is a blockage from when the storage tank in the roof space was emptied.

Sorry was a reply to Paul / David.

Thanks stella. We are going back to the syndic this morn and being more firm.

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We had similar problems in our flat in Paris. Do you have a concierge? They often have a way of getting through to syndic or artisans that are effective. If not, then have to keep hassling syndic.

Hi Jane

Unfortunately we don’t have a concierge.j ust been back to syndic and they are utterly useless. Will try again tomorrow. Thanks