No water!

Hi all. We are in the process of moving into our new rental. Owner (an acquaintance from Ireland) is away on holidays and not contactable. He found a burst pipe last January, and disconnected the water at the main stopcock, made repairs and left it at that. He hadn't paid the water bill so the Mairie disconnected at mains outside house. Got Mairie to reconnect yesterday. Turned on hot tap in kitchen and there was a five minute period of water seeming to burst out of tap, and lots of gurgling and strange noises. Water supply in kitchen is ok now but there is a problem in both bathrooms. We can see the pipes on the wall going to the shower and handbasin. There is a feed from the cold pipe to the toilet cistern and the cistern is filling. So the water is getting that far. The pipes then continue to the shower and on around to the handbasin, and there is not a drop of water to either. We can't figure it out. Could there be an air block or something. Any suggestions or advice appreciated.

sounds good!

Think we have it sorted (fingers crossed). Handbasin taps now fine, having removed filters. Offending filters will be soaked later in vinegar. Blown fuse responsible for no hot water. Will be able to get one on Monday morning as Bricomarché in Lezignan are open just for the morning. Shower in main bedroom still not working. Could be more serious. Shower working fine in guest bedroom. Thanks for suggestions/advice.

how about checking the taps? shower head could be that there are gauze filters in the faucets...take those out..boil in vinegar and replace.


I thought this was going to be a Post about your drinking habits! doh!

Have checked every nook and cranny for valves. Will take another look. What I can't understand is how the toilet cistern fills from the same cold water feed that goes to shower and handbasin. Not a drop comes out of the shower, and there is a bare trickle coming from cold tap in handbasin.

It won't be an air lock, there must be valves on the pipe somewhere I reckon, or on the water tank maybe