No win - no fee?

Hi ,

Just wondered if anyone knows if there are "no win, no fee" legal people over here?

Many thanks

hmm...I can see a good use for them...but fear they would go bankrupt Andrew knows...we bought a pig in a poke...though have sorted it now...but things like a roof that worked as well as a sieve...but still had a years guarantee... when we got an expert opinion....(which was not cheap to get...and a report written) the roofer just sue me. The outcome for us could have been years dragging through the courts and eventually they could have revised the roof, whilst we could have spent thousands getting to that stage...pointless....but hugely unfair on the poor old customer...who basically is given a useless I for one...would champion no win no fee....

I would have thought , an Avocat is allowed to make a "No Win-No Fee" arrangement - You could always ask - You would receive nothing worse than a refusal !

Never heard of it here, thankfully as I think it would open the flood gates to a US/UK style suing of everybody and anybody for any old thing !