No wonder the devolved nations get hacked off

First Tory trade minister Penny Mordaunt refers to the devolved nation’s as “territories” and then Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, treasurer of the 1922 Committee of backbench Conservatives refers to them as principalities, seriously :face_with_raised_eyebrow::unamused:

Penny Mordaunt
Welcoming the reappointment of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Secretaries, she tweeted: “Important continuity in the territorial offices. Congratulations to all three.”

Geoffrey Brown
“I think the principalities are out of step with England. I think they have been overly cautious, I think they are doing more damage to their economies than they need to, I think they are doing more damage to people’s liberties than they need to – I just don’t think the evidence, unless the data coming out today looks very different, is there for any further measures.”

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Not exactly a partnership of equals is it?!

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Makes a change from some English people using ‘British’ when they’re only referring to England and ‘England’ when they mean the whole of the UK (happens a lot in Duolingo comments).

It also happens in sport. Andy Murray is ‘British’ when he wins and ‘a Scottish tennis player’ when he loses…

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It never has been a “partnership of equals” as Westminster picks up most of tab via the Barnett Formula.

I thought he was Canadian?

He is from Dunblane Scotland.

… ‘picked up’ most of the oil and gas revenues too.

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You mean the British government getting the revenue from resources inside of British territorial waters?

The utter cads.


You may be thinking of the Canadian, Greg Rusedski , who became the British no.1 in the late Nineties.

Then we have “British” tennis sensation Emma Raducanu, who was born in Toronto. Some sort of pattern here.

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Once upon a time, the BA flights from London to Detroit, MI used to stop at Toronto.

Chatting with a fellow passenger after a few drinks, I rolled out something my cousin from Detroit told me.

Me: I heard only prostitutes and hockey players come from Toronto.

Passenger: My wife comes from Toronto…

Me: Really? What position does she play?

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Oooh - ouch! Toronto is a really great city. Detroit (my mother’s home town) sadly, was once a great city.