No words needed


I can’t see FB, what is it about?

You should see it via the link.

No I can’t as we have FB servers blocked from coming into the house as we refuse to use them or support Zuckerberg (sp?)


It is a short video depicting a young Scots Guard soldier in full kit including slung rifle walking through a modern pedestrian precinct in a British town and he tries to connect with all the passersby who don’t seem to be able to see him.

Very frustrated he wanders to the local park and settles down to sit with face in hands on the steps of the war memorial in despair.

Then a little girl, perhaps about 10, bored sitting with her mother who is intent on her mobile, skips away and traces her fingers on the memorial inscription ‘They Gave Their Lives’ before noticing the soldier, saying hello and waving to him. For the first time he has been seen and the relief and joy crosses his face, then as she skips back to her mother, he fades away once more to invisibility.

The title is ‘no words needed’ and I am amazed that it took me so many to describe it. Some might think it mushy, but I have posted it 4 times this morning and each time it has choked me up.

The final message is Lest We Forget.

I didn’t know we could block Facebook, or anything else for that matter, with my spam box running at 15 every day, makes me think.


Very poignantly described. Thank you.

Help for Heroes eh