Noddy Cars, Y Knott?

No Driving Licence required, no CT, insurance I suppose?
Don’t worry about being ‘nissed’.
Y Not, now the 80 limit is in?
One was getting along as fast as us on Sunday, 80kph.
It did have go faster stripes, and a big exaust pipe though :rofl:

If you’re talking about the sans permis shopping trolleys, the insurance is horrendous AFAIK.

Good Graham :+1:

Also the price of the car is incredible. From what I understood, open to discussion, is that these pests can only go at 50 or 60 maximum.
I cannot understand how someone can drive one of these, they haven’t passed any tests because either, they are, a) driven by someone whose permit has been taken away, for drink, bad driving etc; or b) somone elderly who has no experience at all and puts everyone else’s life in danger. :astonished:

Just for fun, here is the sport version
and here is the “truck” version
The 4x4 version
And for me the best of the bestest : the I’m going on holliday version

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:rofl: Brilliant!
I assure you Ann, one was doing 80kph, maybe it had rocket fuel, or a “Tiger in the Tank” :rofl:

Or maybe it was a ‘souped up’ version like Del boy’s 3 wheeler :rofl:

Noddy GTS Turbo Sport :rofl:

Have to say that I have seen some of these ‘smart cars’ , the go faster stripes and decals are quite impressive ! Think there is even a hatchback/open roof version… Vroom !

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I am such a fan of Del Boy and Co. Have every DVD and all the specials, still get lots of laughs when watching them for maybe the 5th or 6th time. Really for me it’s classic gold :blush:

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Look at the commercial versions, 4X4, Babeth has on offer too

Would love to see a 4 X 4 here in deepest rural France.
Our ‘wood man’ has, what is maybe the first ever of one of these ‘Noddy’ cars.
The doors are tied up with string, the windows won’t open, it makes more noise than a fleet of jets, but it gets him from pillar to post.
The most distance he has ever travelled, even when younger, a lot, was 25 kms away. He eats the same things, depending on the season, each day. Sure that he will outlive me, maybe his car too !:wink:

I’m always surprised at the speed they can take a round about ! How do they not finish on the roof !

That’s easy Babeth, haven’t you seen the drivers always lean to one side, a bit like with a motorbike ?

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If I had the choice I think I’d rather drive a tractor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:+1: :grinning:

laquelle Beth ? :slight_smile:

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OK ,mine’s the one that is about 6 mins in with the video. Just think of all the cars I could crush along the little roads, not to mention how the foundations would creak.
Yes could see me happily ensconsed in the cab :wink:

The one for the girls ! In fact, I don’t like pink !