Noises in the roof

Remember this?

The marten died instantly. The collider, which accelerates particles to near the speed of light to study the fiery origins of the universe, lost power and shut down. Puts your car into perspective @John_Scully :grin:

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Hi everyone, you should try to see this with your local garage as rodents aren’t covered on a contract even if it’s comprehensive but sometimes the garage can “come up with something” that you can declare which can be accepted (instead of the rodents). Hope that helps? Cheers,

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We had success with deep heat on cotton wool.
Its not only strong smelling but if it touches their fur the sudden heat scares them.

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Cheers David i am willing to try anything…

Thanks Theresa I will give it a go if all else fails.

Further research by SWMBO suggests that having raised it’s young the female (she raises them alone) et al go off into the wilderness. Well that’s the theory and we did hear what seemed like a relay team warming up yesterday evening whilst we were in the courtyard. Nothing today. Should this not be the case then ultrasound, chlorine tabs and deep heat are all being deployed. many thanks one and all. i will keep you posted. Terry.

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Moth balls will do it!!

Moth balls not like they used to be, no naphthalene.
Like so many things, without the active ingredient they trade on past glories.
Same with nitromores paint stripper.

I seem to be in my own world…we forbade the roofers to cement up the holes under the beams or put up sparrow boards. So we have a large colony of birds in our roof, and bats and bees and wasps. I did draw the line at hornets tho’ and got someone to take that nest away.

We have no central lighting in our top floor rooms, so no cables in the roof space to be chewed, and 400mm of insulation so we don’t hear the patter of little feet very much. So out of sight out of mind.

However the loir have failed to understand that our living room and cave (which is also on ground floor as no basement) is a completely different matter. So we are at war. If the ultrasonic thingy doesn’t upset dogs that could be an option,