Noisy neighbour music

I don't want to open a can of worms here so please can we try to keep on track.

neighbours playing loud music, gendarmes taking no action and mayor not interested. This is the scene for one of our neighbours in our village. I decided to try to help...................

Lots of info on the internet about using a CB radio and linear amplifier to transmit whatever you want through the hi fi system of the opponent; Yes through THEIR system.

Yes I know it is illegal - but does anyone have first hand experience of using this type of retalliation.?

p.s. sorry about the spelling (a spell check on this blog would be good eh !)

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As Romuald intimated, don't get mad, get even. If the noisy so and so's don't want to play ball and the official bodies etc don't want to get involved then give them the same treatment.

What else can you do ?

yes Jane, I am aware of the use of infrasound (the USAF was using it against the Greenham women's camp site when they were protesting in the 70's).

the problem is that it is very difficult for an amature to do.

Thanks for the thought anyway - you are so far the only one who has come even close to my actual question.



I think Romuald's solution tops them all!! The gendarmes can't really do much and you'll probably have to call several times (or, much better, get several people to call) and actually file a complaint (not just a "main courante") to get results. Good luck!

The gendarme have to investigate a complaint. And if a mayor does not act on complaints, you can complain him/her!
We have this issue, and go directly to the offending neighbours. They comply no problem and there is no nastiness. They still play loud music from time to time and seem to be oblivious that it affects us so much. But they do turn it down when asked. The gendarmes have been over there for other reasons (one of their dogs bit someone).
But the previous renters were practising their band in the garden one day (with amp and speakers) and a neighbour called the cops. They did come and put a stop to it. Probably because they were trying to kill Neil Young all over again!
If you start a war with these neighbours, it could be worse for your friends…

When my neighbour used to have a party late at night, I used to try and get some sleep first (with ear plugs). Then I would wake up early and pay him a visit. I would ring his bell joyfully (this is perfectly legal by day) and even bang on his door until he fell out of bed. Then I used to explain to him how annoyed I had been with not being able to sleep, few hours before (true or not). Not sure he understood, though, but his tortured face was a delight every time.

NB: If anything unpleasant happened to your neighbour, you will need to be able to prove that you were not at home (but playing cards at some good friends') or you will be the bad guy, even if nobody saw you.

this would be good -

I've always found that something like a brick through a window works here. Or maybe a complete shopping trolley. Or maybe burn their car. Don't panic, there is always a solution, my years have taught me this.