Non respect of SMOKING BAN in holiday rental properties

If anyone else has had a problem with smokers…do you have any tips? As far as I’m aware you can’t make a deduction as damages for this and it would be hard to calculate.

Hi again Sophie,
We have never had a problem. If they want to smoke they always do it outside.
Our gite is the other side of our courtyard and we would be probably be aware that someone was smoking inside.
I am asthmatic and tobacco smoke is one of my triggers.
If you have their credit card details perhaps you could have the place deep cleaned, on them, of course.

I agree Jane - Charge them for a deep clean. I smoke but I wouldn’t dream of smoking inside (or near enough for the smoke to go inside) in a B&B or gite or anywhere smoking isn’t allowed. It should be simple enough to add a bit in terms and conditions saying if smoke is detected, then the cost of a deep clean will be taken from your deposit.

Hi Vero, Having said that I think we will add that to our t & c’s. Our gite is rural and the type of guests we have had to date have always been very respectful and appreciative of what we do for them.

Thank you Jane and Véronique for your comments. We let an apartment with no terrace or garden. The smoking ban is mentioned on the website, then on the contract, again on the check-in papers…and I also tell them verbally. The problem is that in a conflict it would be hard to make the deduction for cigarette smoke as it would be quite hard to prove

Wouldn’t untamperable-with smoke alarms (ie ones that can’t be disabled by taking the batteries out), placed in very visible positions, act as a deterrent?

Yes I had thought of that as it scares the life out of the teenagers here
here! Could be a deterrent.

It used to be a bit of a problem, but we were given some "official looking " signs (maybe by Gites de France) stating a 60 euros fine would be imposed. Just pinned to the info boards in the gites and seems to have done the trick, at least for holiday lets. Workers staying on short term contracts can still ignore it but a quiet friendly word normally works. Have never needed to fine anyone (yet)!

The Gites de France don’t list flats in town as far as I’m aware; the town hall operates a star listing service, I could sign up for that. The problem is not being on the spot. I think I’ll have to take out the kitchen and just do B&B (so pay someone to go in every day). Such a shame!

Our beautiful flat will be wrecked :cry:

That’s often the problem with rental properties I’m afraid. I would get some quite visible no smoking signs (local brico) put up, along with alarms and tell people when they book that it is a no smoking property.

An absent landlord can’t do anything other than withold some money from the deposit if the person dealing with the changeover reports a breach of the nonsmoking policy. A quick read through online forums will show how readily Mr Average is willing to ignore laws relating to vehicles, driving, residency etc. when they don’t suit or they inconvenience them, so I doubt that polite ‘No Smoking’ signs will have any affect at all.

The tourist info office advised us that you cannot enforce a no smoking policy on a rentablepolicy … even if you have a clause in your contract. Once you ave rented the property, even for a few days, the client has the right to treat the building as their home!

C’est la France, arse and elbow. One person/agency/professional says something, someone else somewhere else says something different.
Our smoking policy generally works for us, but for a property with no outside space it probably won’t. It’s always going to be a contentious issue I think.

I have been running 2 B&B rooms and 2 small gîtes in a village for 25 years…initially everybody smoked inside of course and I had to air and steam clean curtains between lettings!
Since the ban people smoke outside BUT in one gite there’s no outside access except to street, so they bring ashtrays inside and empty them in kitchen bin…pongs a bit but only when open bin to empty.
Don’t have any signs up and provide ashtrays (to take outside!) because
when I DIDN’T …people stubbed out cigarettes in soap dishes and even on an antique table!! Have obligatory smoke alarms, not yet debatteried…
So all in all, good result from all nationalities
By the way, gîtes de France do “city lets” …check it out before converting?

The last ones were informed 4 times - 3 times in writing and once verbally!

Oh dear Lisanne! It doesn’t surprise me too much to read about your own experiences.

Yes my experience is that if there is a problem the law is not on the
owner’s side

The rules are one thing but enforcing them another


with respect to Terms and Conditions. is there a Template I can access anywhere to formulate ours?

Do any Gite owners have trouble getting the holiday makers to leave (as in permanent rentals).

If so, what can be done?