Nordnet’s new neosat satellite broadband service

My house is in the Charente and has no sign of fibre, therefore currently I use 4g as our internet service which is patchy to say the least. My work needs a stable service so I was thinking about taking up the new Nordnet satellite 100mb/s unlimited offer. My questions are for anyone who has got it, is it worth it, does it do what is says on the packet and is it truly unlimited as it says you get prioritised 150mb and is it worth getting them to install it ?
Many thanks

Welcome back Gary.
Which 4G service were you using?
We are in the Charente (16) and are using Bouygues which is unlimited. We also had a brief look at the Orange offering, but that was limited to 200 Gb. Our house is close(ish) to two mast sites and both seemed to provide the same strength level of service.

We had SFR for a while which was terrible now we are with Three

Which French supplier does that link to/is associated with?
I guess you have a 3 sim from the UK.

Which the UK are now reapplying the 20gb usage caps a month to if used abroad again.

No I pay a subscription to a 3rd party french company we have a aerial on the house for it
The mobile signal for my vodaphone is also poor

Three have always had that limitation - I hit the issue in 2018 when permanently moving over with my contracted HomeFi - it had 100GB limit per month. Three were reasonably helpful and dropped the contract to 20GB so i was not paying for mostly a service i could not use.

They all turned a blind eye to it from late 2019 till now.

ah ok, interesting Have you looked at Bouygues 4G offering. There’s a thread on it on SF here

Graham, to save me going through the whole thread, do you know if it is unlimited or 100, 200gb monthly.

Hi Graham
Any thoughts on my original question about the new satellite option

See link. Internet par satellite - neosat | Nordnet

Personally, I’m not keen. I looked at these solutions some time ago before 4G came readily along) and at the time the commentaries were very much of the mind that they were very susceptible to weather conditions and there were limitations on where in france it was available. Since out 4G is working wel, I’m not keen to change it. @ptf may have a view though… and there are additional installation costs to consider of course which might also make your house look more like jodrell bank…

Yeah good point what with the sky dish …

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but their claim is that technology has improved so… perhaps 5G will make it even better where fibre to the house isn’t available out in the sticks :thinking:

I have looked at this recently:

Expensive with usage caps.

Satellite is less of a poor choice than it used to be, at least you can get tolerable speeds but latency is always an issue and, as mentioned above, usage caps are often quite low. I’d still only recommend it if there is, realistically, no other option.

Starlink looks interesting but expensive and I suspect will fall somewhere short of the hype (as with most things Musk is involved in).

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Hi i looked at starlink and as you say to early and expensive which is why the new nordnet looks interesting as it uses new satellite tech ???

Still geostationary as far as I can see, so minimum 250ms round trip to the satellite and 500ms “ping” times, fine for many Internet uses but a killer for games. It’s also not great for voice, it can be made to work, after all satellite phones have been a thing for years, and telephony is part of the service so I’m assuming that they are happy enough in practice, but the correspondent on a call might not be expecting France to Australia type delays on a “local” call.

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Hi Paul
I will mainly be using it for video conferencing music and film downloads or streaming, would you think it would be ok for that ?

Downloads/streaming - should be fine.

Videoconferencing - I’d try before you buy if possible, it’s the sort of application that can be sensitive to latency.

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