Normalisation of the Rassemblement National

Interesting article here that explains how the RN are being integrated into French mainstream politics and are even supporting legislation put forward by Macrons LREM. Save for the impact on our Pensions l find the machinations of French politics far more interesting and relevant to our lives here than anything happening in the UK.

How Marine Le Pen’s far-right party went from ‘de-demonisation’ to ‘normalisation’ (


Good :slightly_smiling_face:

Interesting article. Thanks for drawing it to my attention.

I’m afraid this will go down like a lead balloon on here.


Interesting that links to other press coverage came up saying that Le Pen wants to end sanctions against Russia that have been brought in due to Russia’s crimes in Ukraine.

That photo of Le Pen smiling alongside Mr. Putin must have given many voters misgivings too.

She seems to be the grandmother Goldilocks encountered at the cottage in the woods, who turned out to be a big bad wolf with the grandmother’s skin pulled over her. The pulling over of the skin being ‘normalisation’ à la Le Pen.

You’d seriously trust a wolf that promises not to eat your sheep?

I don’t think so @plod. Maybe with a few but l do believe that most are interested in how the country is being run especially with the diversity of the Assembly Nationale. Those of us that are engaged may not be as ‘loud’ as those constantly referencing UK politics but we are quietly passionate about what’s happening in our adopted country.


Nothing new under the sun: it’s what has happened in the UK too, I suppose.

But thanks for the link. Fascinating reading!

‘Thanks’ to billionaire Vincent Boloré backing Eric Zemmour in the elections and ‘pushing’ Le Pen more towards the centre…and as usual so many people just fall into the trap without realising or questioning the tactics used! So yes, somewhat like the tactics used in the UK. :sheep::roll_eyes:


Hard to say - will it be the start of the French slide to right wing totalitarianism or the start of the rehabilitation of the RN into a “normal”, albeit right wing, party.

Dangerous times.

I hope it ts the latter - both for the sake of France, and (selfishly) my own plans for retirement. I’d really rather a move to France in 8 years or so not be a question of frying pan to fire.

History teaches us there is significant risk of it being the former option though :frowning:


BBC’s Newsnight took a stab at this topic last night…

Yeah, Rassemblement National saying whatever it takes to get elected, including renaming themselves from the National Front.

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There are a lot of supporters down here for the RN including the maire who is an ex-flame of MLP until recently. A lot of it is to do with the huge influx from N.Africa and other places which has riled the born and bred catalans and is currently the dept with the highest rate of unemployment and benefits paid out so you can see how they are seduced by promises. I find the RN a scary bunch, bit like the henchmen you saw that supported the Austrian with the side parting and JB only needs an arm band now.