Norwegian Appeal Court overturn wolf protection

I am sickened by this. Should wildlife be stuffed museum exhibits?

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Shame on them.

We have a very small population of wolves here on the PNR Millevache that very occasionally attack and eat sheep and calves (bit like a takeaway here). Although they are protected, the local chasse "lieutenants " are allowed to fire “warning shots” to try to scare them away - yeah right

We have wolves…(there is a beautiful film about one coming over from Italy) mainly in the high forest. Strangely one group always seem to attack the sheep of the same farmer on the plain, but not any of the others between the forest and the plain…go figure. Compemsation is quite high of course.


As I understand it, the main Norwegian argument for the killling of wolves was from hunters who were complaining that the wolves were a threat to their dogs! Nevertheless I was glad to learn that the wolf has now returned to the Aveyron (or at least the Cevennes) and to our neighbouring Cantal.

In a previous life I had a post grad on my MA Environmental Arts course who used to track wolves in Canada and make wax casts of their tracks in the snow. From these we made moulds and the tracks were then cast into frosted glass. His frozen wolf tracks were very beautiful.

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