Nostalgia isn't what it used to be?

This is my first ever blog, so I am a bit of a virgin in this respect, so be gentle with me if I don't get it right first time.

No secret about it, I am a Nostalgia freak, and it shows. In the midst of producing 20 books on Posters & Graphics, I also got waylaid into gathering up old pictures, music, you name it.

Having had my wicked way in Advertising around the world for over 55 years, I was one of those who fell in love with the business, and as I was mainly on the creative side I could indulge myself in reviewing masses of work for inspiration.

It appears from my other postings that at least some of you out there share at least part of my fascination with 'Temps Jadis', and for those of you who specifically like to know more about Old Posters, I have a produced a 6pp .pdf magazine around these wondrous works of art, and something about the contemporary social scenes, and the artists and influences.

It is called 'Advertising History Worldwide', and here is the best part - it is free of charge. Plus you can download it, copy it and circulate it to anyone else you know who could be interested, again free of any restrictions. Just send me an email address and I will send a copy off to you, simple. I intend it to be a monthly publication, and I hope to put together a free (lovely word?) website soon to expand on it further.

OK I can hear the 'what's the catch?' bit even as I write. Well there is a reason why I am doing this, which is to promote the sales of my books, my music collections, sets of old prints, my own illustrations, and my proposed series of lectures drawn from the Posters & Graphics books. If I can garner a small Sponsor or two, I won't complain about that either.

That's it, no secret agenda, just getting the word out and about.



Forgot! I think I will keep this blog as a 'Nostalgia' site. It suits me and my interests which fortunately in this regard are wide.

Hi Brian,

I was offered a whole stack of Vietnamese propaganda posters when I was lecturing in that country a few years back (seems like yesterday though). I was stunned at how little value they placed on them, and like you I felt I had need of the money more at the time so i didn't buy them. Daft as there were enough to build a book on - more than 200, but at the time the emphasis was on filling in another of the financial gaps that inevitably happen when you work on a contract basis.

Funny, but my life has always been a financial roller-coaster. Making good money intermittently, but regular enough to keep going, followed by the times of zero income which got longer as I got older. Still overall I managed to buy the house and the usual trimmings, and put food and drink on the table, so it wasn't too bad. Plus we saw and went to a lot of places I would never have dreamed of going to, and were always happy we had.

Stoney-broke was a good mate of mine as well!

Oho. Posters. Behind me on the wall I have Soviet, Cuban, Vietnamese and suchlike propaganda posters and a short step away one then finds 'Der blaue Engel', and quite a few other old film posters. I had, but got a fair price for, an original Bisto kids enamel panel poster from a shop I delivered to that was being modernised back when I was a David Greig Saturday butcher's boy. I wish I had kept it, but was stoney...

Lots of things we have touched on already Norman and plenty left to go, I reckon there's plenty of nostalgia on this site but you got to get the topic that captures them then they'll run...